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Continuing Overseas and EU Graduate Students, Gates Cambridge Scholarships, ORS Awards, and other Cambridge Trust Awards for 2004-05: Notice by the Board of Graduate Studies

The Board wish to draw to the attention of Overseas and EU Graduate Students, who are registered for one-year courses and wish to continue graduate study at the University, the arrangements for applying for 2004-05 ORS Awards, for Gates Cambridge Scholarships, and awards administered by the other Cambridge Trusts.

Please note that the Cambridge Trusts will normally expect a one-year postgraduate course (other than some courses such as Part III Mathematics or LL.M. Law) already undertaken in Cambridge to count towards the three years (or nine terms) of liability for fees required for a Ph.D. Degree.

Application forms for all these awards, together with instructions for applying, are to be found on the Board of Graduate Studies' website; please see http://www.admin.cam.ac.uk/offices/gradstud/. Eligible candidates will be contacted by the Board of Graduate Studies during November 2003 and given details of how to obtain the forms. Students who are unable to download the form, or who believe they are eligible but do not receive notification from the Board, should contact the Studentships Officer at the Board of Graduate Studies, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ.

Applicants for awards must complete and return the Cambridge Trusts scholarship application form (SAF) by 28 February 2004, and overseas candidates must complete and return the ORS application form (ORS/1) by 1 February 2004.

Application forms for these awards returned to the Board of Graduate Studies by the above dates will be processed by the Board of Graduate Studies and the Cambridge Trusts. Applicants will be informed by the Cambridge Trusts whether their funding application is successful from late May 2004 onwards.

Certain details of the application process vary according to the current status of the applicant:

1. Applicants who are, or have been, in residence at the University of Cambridge, and are currently registered for the 'M.Phil. in the first instance' do not need to apply for permission to continue as a graduate student. Such candidates are not normally eligible to apply to the Gates Cambridge Trust.
2. Applicants who have already been given leave to defer their continuation from last year do not need to apply for permission to continue as a Graduate Student.
3. Applicants who are pursuing other one-year postgraduate courses in the University of Cambridge (including students registered for the M.Phil. 'only') and who intend to stay on to undertake a course of research leading to the degree of Ph.D. must apply for leave to continue on the form 'Permission to Continue as a Graduate Student' obtainable from the Board of Graduate Studies, 4 Mill Lane, or from the Board's website. Please see http://www.admin.cam.ac.uk/offices/gradstud/current/continuation.html. The completed form must be received by the Board of Graduate Studies by 31 December 2003 at the very latest.
4. Candidates from the European Union who wish to apply for Gates Cambridge Scholarships and Cambridge European Trust awards and who are eligible for a fees award from public authorities (such as a Research Council) will be expected to apply in good time directly or through their Cambridge Department for such awards.

The Board will inform students if their application to continue has been successful (independently of their funding application) when decisions have been made by the relevant Department, Degree Committee, and College. An offer to continue will always be subject to the student securing full funding guarantees and to satisfactory performance in their current course. However, a provisional offer for continuation will be sufficient for the Cambridge Trusts to make a decision regarding applications for funding.

For further information regarding the Cambridge Commonwealth Trust, Cambridge Overseas Trust, Cambridge European Trust, and associated Trusts please see http://www.admin.cam.ac.uk/univ/gsprospectus/funding/ overseas/country.html.

For further information about the Gates Cambridge Trust please see http://www.gates.scholarships.cam.ac.uk/.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 5 November 2003
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