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Oppenheimer Research Fellowships: Notice

Applications are invited for an 'Early Career' Research Fellowship (to be held at the University) in the broadly interpreted fields of colloid science and surface chemistry, including applications to metallurgical reactions, for three years from 1 October 2004, from applicants with a Ph.D. Degree or who have submitted for a Ph.D. Degree by 1 October 2004. The salary will be in the range of £18,265 to £27,339.

Applications must be sent to the Secretary of the Committee of Management, School of the Physical Sciences, 19 Trumpington Street, Cambridge, CB2 1QA, by 15 January 2004, with ten copies of:

(a) a curriculum vitae including details of academic career, qualifications, teaching experience, and published or unpublished work;
(b) statements of up to 1,000 words each, describing the applicant's previous and current research, and proposed programme;
(c) names and e-mail addresses of two referees (one external). Candidates should ask their referees to write direct to the Secretary by 15 January 2004;
(d) the written approval of the Head of the Department in Cambridge in which the applicant hopes to work;
(e) completed form PD18 available from http://www.admin.cam.ac.uk/offices/personnel/forms.

A list of projects recently funded is available from jdb51@cam.ac.uk.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 29 October 2003
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