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Board of Scrutiny: Notice

The Board of Scrutiny has elected Dr Christopher Forsyth, R, as Chairman, to hold office until 30 September 2004, and Dr Helen Thompson, CL, as Secretary, to hold office until 30 September 2004.

The Board's remit is to scrutinize the Annual Report of the Council, the Abstract of Accounts, and the Council's Allocations Report, and to report to the University on any matters arising. The Annual Report and the Abstract of Accounts are usually published in the Michaelmas Term; the Allocations Report is normally published towards the end of the Easter Term.

Members of the Board, their addresses for correspondence, and their terms of service are:

NamePostal AddressE-mail Address Until 30/9
Dr Christopher Forsyth Robinson Collegechairman@scrutiny.cam.ac.uk2004
Dr Helen Thompson Clare Collegesecretary@scrutiny.cam.ac.uk2005
Dr Mantas Adomenas Gonville and Caius Collegema222@cus.cam.ac.uk2007
Dr Stephen Cowley Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics s.j.cowley@damtp.cam.ac.uk2005
Dr Nicholas Holmes Pathologynh106@cam.ac.uk2007
Dr Elisabeth Leedham-Green Darwin Collegeel17@cam.ac.uk2004
Mr Timothy Milner Peterhousetnm22@cam.ac.uk2005
Dr Saskia Murk-Jansen Robinson Collegesmj10@cam.ac.uk2005
Prof. David Phillipson Gonville and Caius Collegedwp1000@cus.cam.ac.uk2007
Mrs Jennifer Rigby Churchill Collegejmr47@cam.ac.uk2005
Mr Roger Salmon King's Collegebursar@kings.cam.ac.uk2007
Prof. John Spencer Selwyn Collegejrs1000@cam.ac.uk2005

The Secretary requests that members of the University should contact her via e-mail where possible. Further information may be found at the Board's website (http://www.scrutiny.cam.ac.uk/).

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Cambridge University Reporter, 8 October 2003
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