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St John's College


Applications are invited from men and women who are graduates of UK universities or registered graduate students of the University of Cambridge. Applicants must be within four years of starting on full-time research on 28 January 2004. Any person who holds a Fellowship at a Cambridge College (other than a Fellowship without stipend) may not apply. Allowance for a period of intermission may be given on application in certain circumstances.

Applications must be received by the Master of St John's College, Cambridge, CB2 1TP, by 28 January 2004. Application forms will be available from the College's website (www.joh.cam.ac.uk), or from the Master's Lodge, St John's College, Cambridge CB2 1TP, from 4 August 2003. Candidates are required to submit three double-sided copies of their application forms. Candidates who are short-listed by the College Council by 4 March 2004 will be required to submit three copies of their writings to the College by not later than 16 March 2004. In the event of a Research Fellowship being offered and accepted, one of these three copies will be retained for the College Archives.

The election will be made before 29 May 2004. Successful candidates will enter into their Fellowships on 1 October 2004 and will vacate them on 30 September 2007. Tenure of the Fellowship is conditional upon the holder devoting himself or herself to research to the satisfaction of the College Council. For the first year Fellows are not required to reside in Cambridge. Thereafter the holder must carry out the research within the University of Cambridge unless the Council is satisfied that he or she is better able to carry out the research elsewhere. The Fellowship may be held in conjunction with a fellowship awarded by a Research Council or other similar body.

Provided that a Fellow is not paid other than remuneration for up to six hours' College or University teaching a week, the annual stipend of Fellows who are not full-time students working for a degree or other qualification is at present on the scale £19,279 to £21,125. A reduced scale applies to Fellows who are full-time students. The stipend for a Fellow who has other emoluments (other than up to six hours' teaching) will be reduced by the total amount of pay received. Office accommodation is provided for Fellows who do not live in College. Fellows wishing to live in College are provided with resident accommodation at a charge for services and supplies. One meal a day is provided free of charge to all Fellows.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 8 October 2003
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