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Worts Travelling Scholars Fund: Notice

Statutes and Ordinances, 2003, pp. 710 and 899

Grants from the Worts Travelling Scholars Fund are made annually for the promotion or encouragement of investigations in countries outside Great Britain respecting the religion, learning, law, politics, customs, manners, and rarities, natural or artificial, of those countries, or for purposes of geographical discovery or of antiquarian or scientific research in such countries, subject to any conditions as to publication of the results of investigations which may be laid down at the time of the making of the grant. The amount available for grants in 2004 is approximately £9,000. The General Board will give preference to undergraduates but Graduate Students travelling to non-Commonwealth countries or to Bangladesh, India, or Pakistan will be also be considered. These grants are made to individuals or expeditions on the basis of recommendations and are therefore not transferable.

In order to discourage over-optimistic applications, the Managers of the Fund draw the particular attention of potential applicants to the size of awards which it has been usual for them to offer in recent years which has generally not exceeded £350.

In addition the Managers wish to make known that they do not support the following activities: participation in study programmes or language courses (although a contribution towards the costs of course related work experience abroad may be considered); conferences (either to present a paper or to attend); charitable activities; fieldwork for M.Phil. theses; medical electives; or seeing veterinary practice.

Successful applicants will normally offer both a good academic record and a good project proposal

Applications must be sent to the office of the Committee on Grants, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ, so as to arrive not later than 1 March 2004. This date will be strictly held. Application forms may be obtained from the office of the Committee on Grants.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 14 November 2003
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