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Annual Report of the General Board on the establishment of personal Professorships and Readerships: Notice

9 December 2002

The Council have considered the remarks made at the Discussion of this Report, on 26 November 2002 (Reporter, p. 375). They have consulted the General Board and have agreed to comment as follows:

The Council and the Board are disappointed by the lapse of confidentiality in respect of the recommendations, prior to the publication of the Board's Report. In response to Professor Edwards's observation concerning the cost of the proposals, six personal Readerships were vacated in the academical year 2001-02 and reverted to more junior offices, producing a reduction in recurrent expenditure of approximately £52,000.

Dr Laming's and Dr Bainham's remarks, the substance of which does not concern the recommendations of the Board's Report but rather the procedure for the consideration of senior academic promotions, have been referred to the Personnel Committee.

The General Board are satisfied that they should not make any change in the recommendations of their Report, or to their practice of submitting a single Grace for the approval of the proposals.

The Council agree with the Board and are submitting a Grace for the approval of the recommendations of the Board's Report (Grace 8, p. 406).

The opportunity is taken in this Notice to amend the details in two cases: Dr H. L. B. Skaer is a Fellow of Jesus College, not Girton College, and Dr M. G. Spillatini is a Fellow of Clare Hall, not Clare College.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 11 December 2002
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