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Joint Report of the Council and the General Board on the ownership of intellectual property rights: Notice

9 December 2002

The Council have received the remarks made at the Discussion of this Report on 15 and 22 October 2002 (Reporter, p. 226). They have noted both the comments in support of the recommendations and those setting out the concerns raised by several of the speakers and have referred all the remarks to the General Board and their Research Policy Committee for consideration.

The Research Policy Committee has set up a group, to be chaired by Professor W. R. Cornish, to consult widely about the proposals and to report back to the Committee and the General Board by the end of the Easter Term 2003. The following have agreed to be members of this group: Professor R. H. Friend, Professor I. M. Leslie, and Professor A. C. Minson. The Council will take into account the report of this group and the comments of the General Board and the Research Policy Committee before they publish their full response.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 11 December 2002
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