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Fitzwilliam College

The Governing Body of Fitzwilliam College invites applications from men and women for two stipendiary Fellowships and one non-stipendiary Research Fellowship tenable for three years from 1 October 2003.

The Fellowships are open to candidates who are at present carrying out research at whatever stage for the Ph.D. Degree of Cambridge or any other British or Irish university, or who have recently completed their course of study for this degree; and also to candidates for the Ph.D. Degree at other universities who are graduates of a British or Irish university.

No candidate should have completed four years of full-time research by 1 April 2002.

Subjects are restricted to computer science, economics, history including history of science, management studies, mathematics, music, and physical sciences. Research students of Fitzwilliam College may apply without restriction of subject. Candidates for the Sciences need to certify that the University or a related institution in Cambridge will provide space and resources for their research.

Where a stipend is paid, a Fellowship can be pensionable under USS. A stipendiary Fellow already holding an award from another organization, such as a Research Council or similar body, will be paid a stipend from the date such an award expires. Stipends are reviewed at the same time as University stipends. The current rates are: pre-Ph.D. £12,662 to £14,617/post-Ph.D. £13,640 to £15,604, under review, with an additional allowance, which is currently £2,300, for any Research Fellow not resident in College. A non-stipendiary Fellow will be entitled to the living out allowance and to the full privileges of a Research Fellow at the College, as set out in the further particulars.

The Fitzwilliam Trust has established a fund from which grants may be made to assist with certain approved research expenses. In addition an annual allowance of £500 is provided for each Fellow to be used for academic purposes.

Before applying, please obtain further particulars, including details of privileges and responsibilities applicable to all Research Fellowships, an application form, and two referees forms, either by sending an A4 self-addressed envelope to the Master's Secretary, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, CB3 ODG, or from the Fitzwilliam College website at http://www.fitz.cam.ac.uk/, under 'Vacancies'. Applications should be sent to the Master no later than Monday, 17 February 2003.

Selected candidates will be invited at the end of February to submit two copies of a dissertation or other written work by Monday, 10 March 2003. Shortlisted candidates will be called for interview on 23 April 2003 when it is expected that an offer will be made.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 24 July 2002
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