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Fitzwilliam College


The Royal College of Physicians has agreed to assist in the award of the above Prize which has been established by the late Tom Scotson Lucking in memory of his wife with the object of assisting students in medicine.

The Prize is of the value of not less than £500. It is to be awarded for a significant contribution to research normally completed within seven years of taking the final M.B. Degree in the field of (a) Leukaemia Research, (b) Nephrology, or (c) Dermatology. It is open to UK residents under the age of 40 years.

The Prize will be awarded by the Master of Fitzwilliam College, the Director of Studies in Medicine of the College, and the College Bursar, alongside the Regius Professor of Physic and the Royal College of Physicians.

Applicants are required to submit six copies of their curriculum vitae and up to five publications of original research in the field. Applicants are also asked to submit letters of application through proposers prepared to cite them for the award.

Applications should be sent to the Master, Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge, CB3 0DG, by Monday, 16 September 2002.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 24 July 2002
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