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Philosophy Tripos, Parts IB and II

(Statutes and Ordinances, p. 383)

With effect from 1 October 2002

The course in Parts IB and II of the Philosophy Tripos has been reorganized so that the subject 'History of modern philosophy' is taught in both second and third years. For the academical year 2002-03 the paper 'History of modern philosophy I' will be available in both Part IB and Part II; in subsequent years it will be available in Part IB only. In addition, a new paper 'Philosophy of mind' has been introduced in Part II, certain paper titles have been amended to reflect their current content more accurately, and the minimum length of the Part II dissertation and the date of submission of the titles of the dissertation and Part IB essays have been amended. The regulations have been amended as follows:

Regulation 5.

By retitling Paper 4 as 'History of ancient philosophy', renumbering Papers 5-8 as 6-9, amending cross-references accordingly, and inserting the following new Paper 5:

Paper 5. History of modern philosophy [I].1

Regulation 6.

By retitling Paper 8 as 'Philosophical logic', renumbering Paper 3 (History of modern philosophy I) as Paper 12 and the current Papers 2 and 12 as 3 and 13, respectively, amending cross-references accordingly, and inserting a new Paper 2, so that the regulation reads:

6. The papers for Part II shall be as follows:
Paper 1. Metaphysics.
Paper 2. Philosophy of mind.
Paper 3. Ethics.
Paper 4. History of modern philosophy [II].1
Paper 5. History of ancient philosophy (Paper B3 of Part II of the Classical Tripos).
Paper 6. Philosophy of science.
Paper 7. Mathematical logic.
Paper 8. Philosophical logic.
Paper 9. Special subject specified by the Faculty Board from time to time.
Paper 10. Political philosophy.
Paper 11. Aesthetics.2
Paper 12. History of modern philosophy I.3
Paper 13. Essay.

Regulation 9.

By replacing in line 3 of sub-paragraph (a) the words 'not less than 3,000 words' by the words 'not less than 4,000 words'.

Regulation 10.

By replacing in line 7 the words 'not later than 30 November next preceding the examination' with the words 'not later than one week before the last day of Full Michaelmas Term'.

1 The number in square brackets will be deleted with effect from 1 October 2003.

2 This paper is also available to candidates for Part II of the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos.

3 This paper will be deleted with effect from 1 October 2003.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 29 May 2002
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