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Queens' College


The College intends to elect up to two Research Fellows from 1 October 2002 for a period of three years. The Fellowships are open to men and women graduates of any university who: (i) are members of the College; or (ii) not being members of the College, are engaged in research in one of the following subject areas: Mathematics or Philosophy.

Applicants should be early in their academic careers, and if aged over thirty years should have completed not more than four years of research. Candidates who have their own source of funding are eligible for a non-stipendiary award and are encouraged to apply.

Further details and application forms may be obtained from the Clerk to the Tutors, Queens' College, Cambridge, CB3 9ET (e-mail jad37@cam.ac.uk), or from the College's website (http://www.quns.cam.ac.uk/). The closing date for completed applications is 5 October 2001.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 8 August 2001
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