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Statute approved: Notice

23 July 2001

The Registrary has received notice from the Senior Clerk at the Privy Council Office that Her Majesty the Queen, at a Council held on 18 July 2001, was pleased to approve the amendments of Statutes B, D, F, and G which were submitted under the Common Seal of the University in accordance with Graces 8 and 9 of 22 November 2000 and Grace 6 of 13 December 2000.

The amendments authorized by the first of these Graces relate to allowance of terms towards those required by Affiliated Students for the M.Sci. Degree (Statute B, III, 8(a)); appointment procedures for Assistant Registraries and Assistant Treasurers (Statutes D, VIII, 7 and D, X, 6); removal of an obsolete reference to the method of appointment of auditors in Statute F, I, 1(d); and minor corrections to cross-references. The amendment authorized by Grace 9 of 22 November 2000 relates to the inclusion of the office of University Senior Lecturer in Schedule J (Statute D, II, 3). (See the Council's Report on amendments of certain Statutes, p. 23, and Notice, p. 203.)

The amendment authorized by Grace 6 of 13 December 2000 relates to elections to Reserved Fellowships at Wolfson College (Statute G, I, 11). (See the Council's Report on Reserved Fellowships at Wolfson College, p. 213.)

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Cambridge University Reporter, 8 August 2001
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