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Report of the General Board on certain fixed-term Professorships and Readerships and future arrangements for awarding the title of Honorary Professor or Reader: Notice

23 July 2001

The Council have considered the remarks made at the Discussion of this Report on 10 July 2001 (p. 966) and have referred them to the General Board who have commented as follows:

With regard to the future procedure and criteria for the filling of Professorships and Readerships established for a fixed term, the Board draw Dr Evans's attention to their Notice (p. 552) which set out the procedure for appointment to these offices, and, in particular, to their intention that such offices should be advertised, and that they should be filled in accordance with the same criteria (except for teaching) as for personal Professorships and Readerships.

Dr Evans referred to the existing procedures for personal promotions and the forthcoming consultation exercise on proposed reforms of that procedure. The consultation document will be published in the Reporter and there will be opportunity for individual members of the Regent House to comment next term. The Board have agreed to refer Dr Evans's remarks to the Personnel Committee so that they may be considered together with those submitted in response to the consultation.

The scheme for the conferment of the titles of Honorary Professor and Honorary Reader, to which Dr Evans also referred, has been in existence since 1987; the purpose of the scheme is to acknowledge by the conferment of such a title distinguished contributions in the academic field by persons who are not employees of the University but who have a close academic connection to the University.

The Board take this opportunity to propose the following amendments to certain recommendations in their Report:

(a) that the title of the Professorship to be established for Professor L. K. Tyler (Recommendation I) be MRC Professorship of Cognitive Neuroscience; and
(b) that the period of appointment of Dr M. Pettini as Reader in Astrophysics (Recommendation III) be from 1 October 2001 to 30 September 2016.

Since Dr Evans's comments relate to procedural matters and do not question the Report's recommendations for the establishment of fixed-term Professorships for named persons, the Board have asked the Council to submit a Grace for the approval of the recommendations of the Report, as amended above, and the Council have agreed to do so (Grace 8, p. 1016).

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Cambridge University Reporter, 25 July 2001
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