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Second Report of the Council on the office of Commissary: Notice

23 July 2001

The Council have considered the remarks made at the Discussion of this Report held on 29 May 2001 (p. 773). They have noted that the two student speakers supported proceeding with the proposal.

Dr Evans, who as a member of the University Council was a signatory of the First Report, expressed various criticisms, and suggested deferment for further work. In the Council's view it would be preferable for the proposed Statute to be brought into operation, and for any further development of the system to be made in the light of experience.

Professor Edwards asked for deferment until a new form of Statutes K, 2 and K, 5 had been defined. In their First Report the Council informed the Regent House that they were undertaking reviews of the provisions of the present Statutes K, 2 and K, 5 and that the conclusions of these reviews would be taken into account in framing any legislation in relation to the office of Commissary. At the time the Council were considering their Second Report, these conclusions were available and were taken into account in drafting the proposed changes to Statute D, V. The Council believe that the propositions in their Report on Statutes K, 2 and K, 5 (p. 698), which was discussed on the same occasion, and to which they will reply in due course, are consistent with the proposals in the present Report about the new jurisdiction for the Commissary, and that delay on the Report is not necessary on account of future consideration of Statutes K, 2 and K, 5.

The Council are therefore submitting a Grace to the Regent House for the approval of the recommendations of the Report (Grace 7, p. 1016).

The Council take this opportunity of informing the Regent House that they have recently undertaken consultation about a new student complaints procedure, about which they intend to report to the University in due course, and that they are also exploring the possibility of a student ombudsman, about which they will report to the Regent House if, after further discussion, they believe that a proposal should be made.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 25 July 2001
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