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Fitzwilliam College

The following elections and awards have been made:

Senior Scholarships: 1912: Brown, K. G., Poole, L. H., for Archaeology and Anthropology; Hum, W. L., for Chemical Engineering; Bryan, J., for Classics; Nancekievill, D. J., Rennick-Egglestone, S. J., for Computer Sciences; Browne, M., for Economics; Boultbee, P. R., Neighbour, C. P., for Engineering; Beech, P. V., Gunn, D. J., for English; Irvine-Fynn, T. D. L., James, L. E., Williams, J. S., for Geography; Banks, V. L., Downing, E., Dunlop, J. E., for Law; Midwinter, S. B., for Law (LL.M.); Grindall, J. H., Lee, D. K. K., for Mathematics; Halfacree, Z. J., Lam, S-J., for Medical Sciences; Grosvenor, C. A., Harland, J. M., for Modern and Medieval Languages; Booth, A. L., Branson, C. D., Eldridge, J. J., Harris, J., Jenkins, A. H., Marriott, D. M., Pattison, N. J., Siviour, C. R., for Natural Sciences; Service, O. L., for Social and Political Sciences; Hine, I. C., Wilson, H., for Theology.
Scholarships: 1912: Akehurst de Visme, O. F., for Architecture; Leung, Y. C., Savvides, S. L., for Economics; Moore, F. P. L., for Geography; Harker, G. J. A. (re-election), for Mathematics; Amin, N. L., Holmes, A. S., Hood, I., for Medical Sciences; Fisher, H. J. (re-election), Levinson, N. M., Stanbury, D. P., Wilson, G. W. (re-election), for Natural Sciences; Clough: Isherwood, M. A., for Chemical Engineering; Chung, M. M. K., Garmory, A., Khalil, M. N., Maresh, H. M., Purdy, M. J., Wildman, A. J., for Engineering; McNeilly, R. G., Sayles, M., for Medical Sciences; Barnett, R. P., Gilkison, R. E., Gregson, A. L., Mordue, J. D., Wigmore, C.K., for Natural Sciences; Bossong, R. S., Chuter, R. E. (re-election), for Social and Political Sciences; Clothworkers: Adams, J. M. (re-election), Jackson, T. J. (re-election), for Natural Sciences; Reddaway: Clegg, G. C. (re-election), Gallagher, R. M. (re-election), for Geography; Hartley, C. A., for Law; Roberts, W. O. (re-election), for Natural Sciences; McDonald, S., for Theology; Sir John Stratton: Bissell, D. J., for Geography; Rawlins: Marshall, J. S., for Natural Sciences; David Mason: Taylor, D. L. (re-election), for Electrical and Information Sciences; Lau, P. Y. K., for Engineering; Marion Burrow: Collins, S. A. (re-election), for Medicine; Taylor: Harrison, K. J. (re-election), for History; Irene Walker: Jones, A. J. H., for Geography; Ellen Hughes: Paton, D. M., for History; Donald Walker: Ghosh, A. K., Savva, N., for Natural Sciences.

Prizes for first class results in examinations:

Named Prizes: Mary Lucking: Harland, J. M.; Watchman (Mathematics): Grindall, J. H.; Stumbles (Mathematics): Harker, G. J. A.; Sir John Stratton (Chemical Engineering): Hum, W. L.; Johnson-Jary (Medical Sciences): Collins, S. A., Lam, S-J., McNeilly, R. G.; Whitlock (Law): Downing, E.; Burton (English): Beech, P. V., Gunn, D. J., (Geography): Clegg, G. C., (Social and Political Sciences): Bossong, R. S.; Business Fellow (Manufacturing Engineering): Boultbee, P. R.; Harvey (History): Harrison, K. J.; Stachulski (Natural Sciences): Harris, J.; Watson (Natural Sciences): Branson, C. D.; Thatcher (Engineering): Purdy, M. J.; (Natural Sciences): Pattison, N. J.; Barbara Humphrey (Geography): Gallagher, R. M., Moore, F. P. L.; Wellings (Geography): Irvine-Fynn, T. D. L.; Cockle (Geography): Jones, A. J. H.; Harvey (History): Harrison, K. J.; Gent ( History): Paton, D. M.; Rawlins (Natural Sciences): Booth, A. L.; Cuthbert (Medical Sciences): Amin, N. L.,
College Prizes: Architecture: Akehurst de Visme, O. F., Brown, K. J., Poole, L.H.; Chemical Engineering: Isherwood, M. A.; Classics: Bryan, J.; Computer Sciences: Nancekievill, D. J., Rennick-Egglestone, S. J.; Economics: Browne, M., Leung, Y. C., Savvides, S. L.; Electrical and Information Sciences: Taylor, D. L.; Engineering: Chung, M. M. K., Garmony, A., Khalil, M. N., Lau, P. Y. K., Maresh, H. M., Neighbour, C. P., Wildman, A. J.; Geography: Bissell, D. J., James, L. E., Williams, J. S; Law: Banks, V. L., Dunlop, J. E., Hartley, C. A., Midwinter, S. B.; Mathematics: Lee, D. K. K., Wigmore, C. K.; Medical Sciences: Halfacree, Z. J., Holmes, A. S., Hood, I., Sayles, M.; Modern and Medieval Languages: Grosvenor, C. A.; Natural Sciences: Adams, J. M., Barnett, R. P., Eldridge, J. J., Fisher, H. J., Ghosh, A. K., Gilkison, R. E., Gregson, A. L., Jackson, T. J., Jenkins, A. H., Levinson, N. M., Marriott, D. M., Marshall, J. S., Mordue, J. D., Roberts, W. O., Savva, N., Siviour, C. R., Stanbury, D. P., Wilson, G. W.; Social and Political Sciences: Chuter, R. E., Service, O. L.; Theology: Hine, I. C., McDonald, S., Wilson, H.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 18 July 2001
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