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Jesus College


Applications are invited for a Research Fellowship to be held in Arts or Social Sciences. The Fellowship is tenable for three years, ordinarily from 1 October 2002. However, the successful candidate may start the Fellowship on any date between 1 January and 1 October 2002. The Fellowship is open to graduates of, or research students in, universities in the United Kingdom. It is hoped to elect a man or woman who, on 1 October 2001, will, in the College's view, have completed not more than four years of research. Any application from a person who completed the course for his or her first degree before 1 June 1997 should, therefore, be accompanied by a statement of his or her occupation or employment since completing that course.

A Research Fellow may be invited to undertake a small amount of undergraduate teaching during Term, but will not be permitted to undertake other paid work or to hold other offices and awards except by permission of the College Council.

A Research Fellow is entitled to the privileges of a Fellow, including rooms and some meals. Some privileges will be available immediately after election, in December 2001, before admission to the Fellowship. Remuneration for a Research Fellow who has not proceeded to the Ph.D. Degree ranges at present from £11,457 in the first year of research to £12,687 in the fourth, subject to a deduction if the Fellow is resident in College. A Research Fellow not resident in College receives a 'living-out' allowance, currently of £1,124 a year. Children's allowances are also payable. Remuneration of a post-Ph.D. Fellow ranges at present from £12,982 to £14,851 with the same allowances, deductions, and charges. Increase in these rates is pending. Further details of the Fellowship and application forms may be obtained from the Research Fellowships Secretary, Jesus College, Cambridge, CB5 8BL (e-mail research-fellowships@jesus.cam.ac.uk), or from the College's website (http://www.jesus.cam.ac.uk/).

The completed application form, together in each case with a statement of not more than 1,000 words outlining the applicant's present and proposed research, must be received in the College by 14 September 2001. Candidates must also arrange that testimonials are sent directly to the College, to be received not later than this same date, by two referees familiar with their work.

At the beginning of October 2001, short-listed candidates will be asked to submit two copies of written work up to a maximum of 40,000 words by 8 October 2001. Candidates should therefore ensure that they can be easily contacted at this time. If this work is not received by the deadline, the candidate will be deemed to have withdrawn from the competition. The submitted work need not be in its final form but must provide evidence of outstanding originality and promise. Candidates will not normally be called for interview.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 11 July 2001
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