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Approved for degrees

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Science

J. K. M. Sanders, M.A., Ph.D., SE

Doctor of Letters

R. P. Gordon, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., CTH

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

S. Abd Hamid, HH. A mechanistic study of alkene hydrogenation

T. P. S. Angier, CL. Either Kierkegaard/ or Nietzsche: an essay in moral controversy

M. C. Becker, ED. The role of routines in organisations: an empirical and taxonomic investigation

T. Biskup, EM. The politics of monarchism: royalty, loyalty and patriotism in later 18th century Prussia

J. M. Bonello, K. Fundamental aspects of enantioselective catalysis at metal surfaces

D. W. Chennells, JE. The politics of exclusive nationalism in Canada, 1760-1980

O. W. Choroba, JN. Enzymes involved in crosslinking and biosynthesis of the rare amino acids in glycopeptide antibiotics

A. J. Cohen, Q. Development and assessment of density functionals

D. C. Cox, W. Characterisation of the microstructural evolution of single crystal nickel-base superalloys

R. D. M. Davies, Q. Part I: the total synthesis of the callipeltoside aglycon. Part II: the synthesis of novel ring analogues of elaiophylin

J. J. Dittmer, F. Dye/polymer blends for organic solar cells

P. R. Eastham, R. Bose condensation in a model microcavity

S. L. Elliott, SE. Dopant profiling with the scanning electron microscope

T. F. Gale, DOW. Studies related to the mode of action of glycopeptide antibiotics

A. T. B. Gilbert, CHU. Density methods in quantum chemistry

G. M. Gilbert, CL. Jets, hotspots and lobe morphology in radio galaxies and quasars

D. S. Ginger Jr, PET. Optoelectronic properties of CdSe nanocrystals

B. R. Graskow, T. Design and development of a fast aerosol size spectrometer

A. W. Gray, CHU. Isolation, generation and characterization of equine osteoclasts

M. E. Gray, CHU. Wide-field optical and infrared observations of weak gravitational lensing

T. Gross, DAR. Community and dissent: a study of the implications of religious fragmentation in the Sierra Juárez, Oaxaca

S. S. K. Gunturi, T. Anisotropic creep of single crystal nickel based superalloy CMSX-4

S. Hermans, F. Mixed-metal clusters as precursors for bimetallic supported nanoparticle catalysts

H-H. J. Hii, Q. Innovative capacity of firms

D. F. Johnson, DAR. Probabilistic and possibilistic models of uncertainty for static and dynamic structures

N. Karim, W. Post-traumatic stress disorder and the psychological effects of long term imprisonment: a cross-sectional sample of long term offenders in the Pacific region of Canada

R. Kaur, HH. Excess carrier effects on the optical emission and excitation spectra of GaAs quantum wells

K. Lee, CHU. The comparison of experimental data with numerical simulation for the melt processing of polyethylene using a multi-pass rheometer

S-B. Lee, F. Physics and application of superconducting nanotransistors

W-K. Leung, R. Applications of continuum quantum Monte Carlo methods

M. S. Lillicrap, R. T cell responses to human heat shock protein 60

S. H. Lim, TH. Male homosexuality in films from China, Taiwan and Hong Kong of the 1990s

M. Lojko, PEM. Britain and Central Europe, 1919-1925

W. W-Y. Lui, N. AP-3 subunit interactions and proteins that interact with the C-terminal domain of **S147**-adaptin

G. D. McManus, SE. The chemistry of some fused 1,2,3- and 1,3,2-dithiazolyl rings

E. W. Mitchell, TH. Madness and meta-responsibility: the self-causation of mental disorder and the insanity defence

L. M. Napran, PEM. Marriage contracts in the southern low countries and the north of France in the twelfth century

N. E. H. Phoca-Cosmetatou, T. Stalking the ibex: wild caprid exploitation in Southern Europe during the Upper Palaeolithic

I. C. Putkonen, CHU. The global subject: a study of a family planning NGO, globalisation and the shaping of subjectivity

T. M. Rippin, TH. Mechanistic studies of the tumour suppressor p53: a basis for rational anti-cancer drug design

T. K. Shaw, K. Nietzsche and the problem of secular authority

A. R. Soika, K. The public face of German expressionism: a study of the Brücke artists' interior design

R. H. Stewart-MacDonald, CTH. Towards a new ontology of musical classicism: sensationalism, archaism and formal grammar in the music of Clementi, Hummel and Dussek - and parallels with Haydn, Beethoven and Schubert

I. Suge, CHU. Consensus and conflict in the British new towns policy. Basildon c. 1945-1970

C. J. Sutela, CHU. The development of a fast response CO/CO2 sensor and its application to automotive engines

K. S. Tang, CAI. Stability, folding and evolution of the tumour suppressor protein p16

L. S. Thomas, K. Development of a culture system to study human trophoblast differentiation

S. R. Utembe, SID. Studies of atmospheric surface ozone using a novel solid-state sensor

C. Van Caillie, CTH. Electronic structure calculations using time-dependent density functional theory

G. T. van der Toorn, DAR. Investigation of losses in cage induction motors

A. Watkins, JE. The effect of mutations on the function of the neural cell adhesion molecule L1

D. T. P. Watson, DAR. The dissociation and reactivity of methane on Pt{110}-(1x2)

G. B. Williams, DOW. Novel geometry gradient coils for MRI designed by genetic algorithm

H. Yanacopulos, SE. The dynamics of governance: the emergence of development NGO coalitions in world politics

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)

Examination in Medical Sciences

J. E. Bellhouse, CTH

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