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Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, Part II, 2003: Correction to prescribed texts and periods

The Faculty Board of Modern and Medieval Languages give notice that the prescribed texts and periods for Paper Sp. 6 of Part II of the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, 2003, published on 13 June 2001 (p. 802), should read as follows:

Sp. 6 Spanish literature, life, and history, before 1492

(a) Literary: Poema de mio Cid; Libro de Alexandre; Juan Ruiz, Libro de buen amor; Diego de San Pedro, Cárcel de Amor; lyric poetry; medieval drama.

(b) Topics: (i) Social hierarchy, gender, and ethnicity; (ii) Sin and sanctity; (iii) Death and dying; (iv) Reconquest; (v) Moslem Spain; (vi) Reign and works of Alfonso X; (vii) Crisis and conflict in fifteenth-century Castile.

Candidates will be required to attempt three questions, at least one from each section.

The Department gives notice that in any given year, lectures for this paper will not necessarily cover all of the above topics: candidates will be advised at the beginning of the year's lecture courses which, if any, topics are to be omitted. All topics will be examined each year.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 11 July 2001
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