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The University's mission and core values: Notice

11 June 2001

In the Michaelmas Term 1999 the Council and the General Board commenced a review of the University's mission in consultation with a wide range of University and College bodies. There was a substantial response to this consultation for which the central bodies are most grateful. In the light of this response, and of the requirements of the Higher Education Funding Council for England for the submission of planning documents, a revised version of the University's Strategic Plan is currently being developed through the Planning and Resources Committee.

The Council are of the view that it would assist the preparation of the Strategic Plan to have the views of members of the Regent House on the statement of the University's mission and core values as set out below. For this purpose the statement will be put up for consideration at the Discussion to be held on 10 July 2001. In the light of the views expressed at the Discussion, the central bodies will proceed with drafting the Strategic Plan for the next five years in a manner consistent with the statement.


Statement of mission

The mission of the University of Cambridge is to contribute to society through the pursuit of education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence.

Core values

The University particularly values:

Research and scholarship


Its relationship with society

The Collegiate University

University staff

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Cambridge University Reporter, 13 June 2001
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