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Classical Tripos, Part II

(Statutes and Ordinances, p. 251)

With effect from 1 October 2001

Amendments to the procedure for submitting theses under Regulation 23 have been made as follows:

Regulation 23(a).

By replacing the second sentence so as to read:

Applications shall be submitted through candidates' Directors of Studies to the Academic Secretary, so as to arrive not later than the second Monday of the Full Michaelmas Term next preceding the examination.

Regulation 23(b).

By inserting the following text at the end of the paragraph:

Any application for a change in title or scheme of papers must be submitted through the candidate's Director of Studies to the Academic Secretary in time to be considered by the third Faculty Board meeting of Lent Term. If a candidate decides to offer a paper in place of a thesis, this is deemed to be a change in the scheme of papers and must be notified to the Faculty Board in accordance with the same timetable.

Regulation 23(c).

By inserting in line 4 after the word 'typewritten' the words '(1.5 spacing)'.

Regulation 23(d).

By replacing in the first line the words 'Tutor to the Secretary of the Faculty Board' by 'Director of Studies to the Academic Secretary' and by inserting the following new final sentence 'Once the thesis has been submitted, no further correction to it shall be permitted.'

With effect from 1 October 2002

Regulation 17.

Schedule of Optional Papers

By deleting the final sentence of this regulation and by replacing Paper O7 (Continuity and change in Latin literature, from 200 to 650) and Paper O10 (A subject in ancient or medieval European history) with the following papers:

Paper O7. Introduction to Neo-Latin literature, from 1350 to 1700 (Paper NL 1 of the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos).
Paper O10. The Romance languages (Paper CS 1 of the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos).

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Cambridge University Reporter, 6 June 2001
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