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Language Centre: Notice

The European Year of Languages 2001 is a Europe-wide celebration of languages and language-learning designed to promote greater public awareness of the importance of competence in another language. As part of this celebration, the Language Centre, the School of Education, the Faculty of Modern and Medieval Languages, the Faculty of Oriental Studies, and the Local Examinations Syndicate propose to hold a Day of multilingualism and multiculturalism on Monday, 18 June, designed to attract the widest possible audience from the University and the wider community.

Sir John Boyd, Master of Churchill College and Co-Chairman of the Nuffield Languages Inquiry, and Dr Lid King, Director of the Centre for Information on Language Teaching, will launch the programme. Professor Philip Riley, of the University of Nancy, France, will give a talk on Multilingual identities, which will be followed by a series of parallel activities designed for a range of interests, as follows:

Bilinguals haven't got split brains: a talk on the latest research on bilinguals, by Dr Ian Watson, of the University of Oxford.
Taste and learn: language learning 'tasters' in Chinese, Dutch, Greek, and Hebrew.
How good are you … really?: adaptive feedback on-line, by Dr N. Jones, of UCLES.

The event will be held on the Sidgwick Site. For further information, please telephone (3)35040, or visit the Language Centre's website (http://www.langcen.cam.ac.uk/).

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Cambridge University Reporter, 31 May 2001
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