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History of Art Tripos, 2002: Amendment to special subjects

The Faculty Board of Architecture and History of Art give notice that they have approved the following further amendment to the list of special subjects for the History of Art Tripos, 2002, published on 21 June 2000 (Reporter, 1999-2000, p. 863), and subsequently amended on 28 February 2001 (Reporter, 2000-01, p. 506):

Papers 6 and 7
Medieval and Renaissance architecture in Venice, 1300-1600 is reinstated. This paper will be available 'for examination only' for those candidates for Part II of the History of Art Tripos, 2002, who have already taken Papers 6 and 7 in the Preliminary Examination in 2001.

Papers 18 and 19
Papers 18 and 19 will now be British architects and Italy from Jones to Soane.

The Faculty Board are satisfied that no candidate's preparation for the examination is adversely affected by this amendment.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 31 May 2001
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