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Music Tripos, 2002: Notice

The Faculty Board of Music give notice that they have prescribed the following papers and subjects for the Music Tripos in 2002 (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 342):

Part IB

Paper 1. Stylistic composition (also serves as Paper 4 of Part II)

The composers prescribed are: Josquin des Prez and John Taverner

Paper 2. Subjects in the history of music I

A. Notation

B. Bach's vocal music

C. Music and society in Handel's London

Paper 3. Subjects in the history of music II

A. Opera in Paris

B. Wagner: romantic opera to music drama

C. Music and politics in the Soviet Union

Part II

Paper 2. Set works

A. Handel, Giulio Cesare in Egitto

B. Mozart, Così fan tutte

C. Musorgsky, Boris Godunov

D. Tippett, The Midsummer Marriage

Paper 4. Stylistic composition

See Paper 1 of IB

Papers 6-13. Additional papers

6. Genius, originality, and the musical work

7. To be announced

8. Beethoven and his legacy

9. Wagnerism

10. Exploring klezmer worlds

11. Film music

12. Music in Weimar culture

13. Approaches to jazz

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