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Approved for degrees

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Science

M. S. Baird, Ph.D., CH

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

R. J. E. Armstrong, Q. Cell replacement therapy through transplantation of expanded neural precursor cells: experiments in animal models of Parkinson's and Huntington's diseases

E. Batchelor, N. Acid:base co-crystal formation in crystal engineering and supramolecular design

A. J. Baumgard, CHU. Monotonic and cyclic soil responses to upheaval buckling in offshore buried pipelines

A. J. Bevan, T. Measurement of the branching ratio and form factor parameters of the decay KL->μ+μ-γ

M. M. Bonaccorso, K. The traffic in kinship: assisted conception for heterosexual infertile couples and lesbian and gay couples in Italy

S. L. Bridle, PEM. Bayesian methods in cosmology

J. M. Browne, CL. Vertical occupational gender segregation in the British labour market

L. J. Cameron, EM. Anthropogenic natures: Wicken Fen and histories of disturbance 1923-1943

S. J. Cave, HH. Personal identity and rationality

A. Chakravartty, K. Semirealism: the metaphysical foundations of scientific realism

A. Cheyne, CL. Extrusion behaviour of starch based food pastes

W-C. E. Chow, W. Factionalism and democratisation in Taiwan

J. J. Cowell, CTH. New avenues in alkene epoxidation: selective oxidation on Cu{111} and Cu{110}

B. J. Didier, Q. The scars of piety: Islam and the dynamics of religious dispute on Androth Island, South India

A. M. Dolan, SID. Commemorating the Irish Civil War, 1923-2000

I. I. Dornan, G. Women slaveholders in the Georgia and South Carolina low country, 1750-1775

G. A. Down, EM. Analysis of helix-loop-helix factors in the skin

S. P. Evans, CAI. Characterisation of the N-terminal domain of eukaryotic ribonuclease HI

A. C. Ferrari, CHU. Nanoscale properties of amorphous carbon

A. Fischer, PEM. Gravity compensation of deployable space structures

G. J. Florence, JE. The total synthesis of (+)-discodermolide

R. G. Ford, DAR. Robust automotive idle speed control in a novel framework

M. J. Gifford, CAI. The role of hot-spots in the ignition and growth of explosion

K. H. Gordon, DAR. Exploring novel linkers for solid phase organic synthesis

P. B. Harris, G. Target setting: the response of LEAs and primary schools

J. N. Herbert, SID. The shaping of U.S. Presidents' initial domestic policy agendas, 1960-81

N. W. Hitchin, M. The life and thought of William Paley (1743-1805)

S. Hoesel-Uhlig, K. The historical formation of the modern concept of literature

L. J. Hope-Weeks, G. The formation of macrocycles containing dicobalt-coordinated diyne units

M. K. Horsburgh, DAR. Bubble propagation in flexible and permeable channels

A. N. Hussain, Q. Time-dependent quantum dynamics of molecular predissociation

T. Jamasb, CLH. Welfare economic implications of energy-environmental costs and policies: the case of the Norwegian electric power sector

J. P. Jarrett, TH. Technology or methodology? An approach to designing better turbomachinery

R. A. Jordan, CHR. The Blackloists 1640-1688: ecclesiastical, theological and intellectual authority in English Catholic polemic

B. Kannan, M. Spatial signal processing for beamforming in impulsive noise using Bayesian principles

C. Kechavarzi, DAR. Physical modelling of immiscible multiphase flow in porous media

J. W. A. Kinnaird, T. Synthetic studies towards polyketide libraries via aldol reactions performed on solid support

J. S. Lee, CC. Cambridge and its economic region, 1450-1560

N. M. Loening, CHU. NMR studies of molecular diffusion

S. N. S. Lutchmaya, T. Foetal testosterone and social-communicative development

A. N. Lynn, JN. The impact of Ben Jonson, 1637-1700

D. J. Maclean, HH. Coupled heat/species transfer and buoyancy-driven magnetohydrodynamic convection

N. S. Marston, CHR. The design of line-sequential 3D displays

S. J. Mawhinney, SE. Modelling transport in the tropical stratosphere

R. W. McAuley, TH. Ghost town: social exclusion, 'Youth' and crime in woodland

J. E. McCrone, K. Physical properties and thin-film growth of the magnetic superconductor RuSr2GdCu2O8

D. J. R. S. Moseley, JE. 'Parables of the Kingdom': music and theology in Karl Barth

W. Mulligan, CHR. General Walther Reinhardt, 1872-1930: a soldier in politics

P. M. Murphy Ives, TH. Negotiating global change: trade in telecommunications and electronic commerce. The role of coercive pressure and integrative reframing in international negotiation

I. A. Nikolić, TH. Anglo-Yugoslav relations: 1938-41

J. A. Norman, Q. Controlled polymerisation of (meth)acrylates by ATRP

C. R. Offer, JN. Phase coherence phenomena in disordered and chaotic structures

D. G. Pedder, CLH. The impact of class size on effective teaching and learning: a conceptual and methodological investigation

S. F. Poget, DOW. Functional and structural studies of C-type lectin domains

W. A. Pollard, LC. The vagaries of literary reception: Rosamond Lehmann and her critics

S. E. Pratt, DOW. The 'Time of Truth' and 'Modern Times': contested conceptions of 'obedience' and 'authority' within a Hausa village, Maradi, Niger

A. J. Price, SE. New inorganic catalysts

R. S. Priddey, CHU. A submillimetre study of high-redshift quasars

H. S. Reall, R. Black holes, branes and cosmology

C. P. Royall, CTH. The behaviour of silica in matt water-based lacquers

S. J. Savory, CHU. Polarisation mode dispersion in optical fibres

A. L. Shefl, CLH. Transformation at the boundaries of intentional association: a Roman Catholic nunnery

P. M. Sikana, CHU. Agro-pastoralism and market integration: transformation and continuity of the multiple roles of cattle among the cattle keepers of Bulozi flood plains, Western Zambia

M. P. Sithole, CHU. Identity and social change in Msinga district of northern KwaZulu-Natal

D. K. Skelton, R. High temperature fatigue crack propagation of a turbine disc alloy

M. A. Smith, CTH. Hadronic final states in W-boson pair production

M. P. Smith, R. Molecular beam epitaxial regrowth: technology and applications

W. Song, W. Disclinations and their interactions in liquid crystalline polymers

N. A. Spencer, CHR. Sustaining Egyptian culture: royal and private construction initiatives in the first millennium B.C.

A. R. K. Spohr, PET. Unified Germany's Ostpolitik, 1990-2000: the Baltic question in European context

R. J. Spurling, CL. Granular flow in an inclined rotating cylinder: steady state and transients

B. Sreenivasan, HH. Evolution of inertial flow structures in the presence of a magnetic field

E. R. Taylor, DAR. Helen Cam, the academic life, and the idea of Community

C. H. Tong, T. Three-dimensional tomographic study of the 9°03'N overlapping spreading centre on the East Pacific Rise

E. S. Wadge, N. The influence of psychical research on models of identity and narrative structure in some late Victorian literature

N. W. J. Wainwright, TH. A statistical evaluation of the relationship between social adversity and depression

B. A. Weir, DAR. Structure and morphology of PPV-derived polymers and oligomers

F. J. Williams, K. Fundamentals and new applications of electrochemical promotion in catalysis

C. L. Winn, CHU. Synthesis of sulfur compounds and their use in asymmetric synthesis

Master of Science

M. E. Rojas Loynaz, ED. Estimation of the socio-economic impact of the Underground (Metro) of Caracas

Master of Letters

M. C. Swadley, CC. Patterns and meanings of voice for women in business

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)

Examination in Engineering

E. Viudez Ruido, W

Examination in Historical Studies

J. A. Magill, T

Examination in Medical Sciences

F. Manes, DOW E. Pomarol Clotet, R

Examination in Theology

A. A. Haleem, PEM

Master of Studies

Examination in Interdisciplinary Design for the Built Environment

E. Davies, W P. Redman, W
M. Lovell, W

Examination in Primary and Community Care

P. M. Chappell, HO S. Horner, HO
M. K. Cockburn, HO S. A. Risino, HO
B. L. Halnan, HO E. L. Woolley, HO
C. A. Hayden-Wright, HO

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Cambridge University Reporter, 25 April 2001
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