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Cambridge in America: Notice

19 March 2001

In their Report on development matters (Reporter, 1999-2000, p. 803) the Council reported to the University that they had agreed in principle to support a merger between the Cambridge University Development Office in the United States of America (CUDOUS) and the American Friends of Cambridge University (AFCU) to form a single organization to support fundraising for the University and the Colleges in the USA. The Council further reported that they would seek the approval of the University for the new arrangements, in particular for financial allocations to be made to the new organization, which was provisionally entitled Cambridge in America, when satisfactory detailed proposals were available.

An Agreement of Merger between AFCU and CUDOUS has now been signed and the Articles of Incorporation of AFCU have been amended to reflect this merger and the change in title to Cambridge in America. The purpose of the new organization will continue to be to assist in financing, out of funds contributed to it, approved projects for the support of the Colleges, Departments, Faculties, and other educational cultural and research institutions within the University of Cambridge. It will be overseen by a Board of twenty-one directors of whom eleven will be elected by the Board from members of the University or others in the United States who wish to support the University, and a total of ten, five members each, will be appointed by the Council and the Colleges Committee. The Joint Committee on Development will review and recommend for approval the budget and work plan for collaborative activity in fundraising undertaken through the office of Cambridge in America. A provisional budget for 2001-02 has been put before the Joint Committee for approval and this is included in the normal round of budgetary proposals which are to be forwarded to the Planning and Resource Committee and the Council, for approval by the University in due course. The Agreement of Merger, the draft Articles of Incorporation, and the By-Laws for Cambridge in America are available for inspection in the University Registry.

As a result of the proposed merger, the AFCU office in Cambridge has been closed and the administrative functions previously carried out from that office (save in respect of the AFCU Scholarships, which will, for the time being, be administered by the Board of Graduate Studies) have been transferred to the University Development Office in 10 Trumpington Street.

The Council are submitting a Grace to the Regent House for the approval of the proposed merger (Grace 5, p. 574). Subject to the approval of this Grace, Regulation 3(d) for the Joint Committee on Development will come into force.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 21 March 2001
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