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Report of the Council on proposed building extensions and alterations for the Faculty of Music

The COUNCIL beg leave to report to the University as follows:

1. The Faculty Board of Music have brought forward proposals for extensions and internal alterations to their building at West Road for the provision of additional auditorium/lecture theatre space and suitable accommodation for research and courses involving a technological component. The Faculty of Music is the central Faculty for approximately 170 undergraduate and 40 graduate students reading or researching music, and serves as the principal focus for music-making within the University. The main building was originally designed to accommodate an annual intake of approximately 35 students. Student numbers have, however, almost doubled over the last ten years and the building, although successful, is now heavily over-used and lacks an adequate provision of space for music technology related teaching and research. It is proposed to construct a single-storey extension as a new Centre for Music and Science and a two-storey extension to provide a new auditorium/lecture theatre seating approximately 180 people. It is also proposed to provide relatively modest extensions to the rehearsal room facing West Road and to the library area, and to carry out a partial development of the interior courtyard to allow offices to be relocated. An improved dressing room/backstage area at the north-east corner of the existing building is also proposed.

2. A scheme has been prepared by Cowper Griffith Associates; the gross floor area of the new extensions is approximately 1,000 sq.m. with alterations to an area of approximately 700 sq.m. Although this project is not directly linked to the proposed Sidgwick Avenue Site development, Cowper Griffiths Associates have discussed the interface issues which occur on the eastern elevation of the proposed extension with the masterplanners for the Site, Allies and Morrison.

3. The estimated cost of the full scheme is £3.7m including fees and VAT, assuming a start on site during the summer of 2001. A HEFCE grant of approximately £1.3m towards the building costs has been received. It is expected that the development will be undertaken in a series of separate phases, commencing with the new Centre of Music and Science, in line with the current level of funding identified. The construction of the new auditorium/lecture theatre, however, will not start until full funding has been raised. The running costs for this building will be taken into account when the Council recommend allocations from the Chest to the University Education Fund.

4. Drawings of the proposed scheme are displayed for the information of the University in the Old Schools Arcade.

5. The Council take the opportunity presented by this Report to announce the closure of the concert hall at West Road from 13 June until 26 October 2001 while the Estate Management and Building Service (EMBS) carry out a major refurbishment to the hall. The refurbishment consists principally of a total replacement of the ventilation system in the concert hall and the addition of a cooling system in order to provide a better environment for both the audience and performers particularly during the summer months. EMBS plan to take advantage of the concert hall being closed to carry out further maintenance works which will include recovering seating, internal redecoration, acoustic improvements to plant room areas, much needed roof repairs, and upgrading of the lightning protection to current standards. The costs of the refurbishment are being met from the Building Maintenance Fund.

6. The Council recommend:

I. That the Director of Estate Management be authorized to apply for planning consent for the extension and alterations to the Faculty of Music as proposed in this Report.

II. That the Treasurer be authorized in due course to accept a tender(s) for the works within the funds identified.

19 March 2001 ALEC N. BROERS, Vice-Chancellor IAN LESLIE G. A. REID

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Cambridge University Reporter, 21 March 2001
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