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Clare College

Elected into an Honorary Fellowship:

John Milford Rutter, M.A., CL

Elected into an Official Fellowship in Class B:

Melvyn John Weeks, Ph.D., Pennsylvania, University Lecturer in the Faculty of Economics and Politics

Elected into a Research Fellowship in Class A:

Sarah Marjorie Savage Pearsall, M.A., CL, Ph.D., Harvard


Clare College offers a Senior Research Studentship in Mathematics, Physics, Astronomy, Chemistry, Geology, Materials Science, Metallurgy, Engineering, or Computer Science, tenable for not more than four years from 1 October 2001. When the holder has both completed one year of the Studentship and been awarded their Ph.D. Degree, the Studentship will be upgraded to a Fellowship for the remainder of the tenure.

Applicants must be Research Students registered for the degree of Ph.D. in the University of Cambridge, and currently in their second year of registration.

It is assumed that the successful applicant will already be in receipt of financial support to cover three years of research. The holder will therefore ordinarily receive no stipend until the end of the third year of research (i.e. 1 October 2002), or the expiry of the present grant if that should take place earlier. He or she will, however, be given High Table dining rights and may receive grants for research expenses other than fees. Subsequently, the stipend will be the same as that for a Research Fellow of the College. Accommodation will be provided for an unmarried Denman Baynes Student.

Stipends are linked to the Assistant in Research scale, which is reviewed annually. The rates are currently £15,822 in the first paid year, rising to £16,775 and then to £17,755 in the third year. There is a reduction of £2,396 a year if the holder is resident in College, and the payment of an increment after the first year is conditional upon the Ph.D. having been awarded. The tenure will be such that the holder will be in receipt of a stipend for not more than three years. If requested, the holder will be expected to supervise for up to six hours a week for the College, which will be paid for separately at the normal rates; and also to assist in the College's admissions process, for which no additional payment is offered.

Applicants are asked to send to the Senior Tutor, Clare College, Cambridge, CB2 1TL, before 1 April 2001, a statement of their academic career since leaving school, a note (of about 500 words) on their field of research, and the names of two people conversant with their research work to whom reference may be made. Short-listed candidates will be asked to attend for interview.


Clare College announces a postgraduate bursary to be awarded for the next academical year to a mature student in any field of Christian theology, who is also interested in playing an active part in the life and ministry of the College Chapel. The award is open to candidates without regard to gender, nationality, or denomination, and will normally be awarded to graduates who have been approved for a course of studies leading to a Ph.D. Degree in the University of Cambridge. The suitable candidate will have a commitment to Christian ministry - lay or ordained - as well as a commitment to the academic study of theology in the service of the Church, and will be expected to assist the Dean in the life and ministry of the College Chapel. The award, which is designed to act as a 'top-up' scholarship to supplement a grant or other means of support, is valued at £5,500. This may include an allowance for housing and meals. It will be awarded for one year in the first instance, from 1 October 2001, and may be renewed for up to three years.

Further information may be obtained from the Chapel Secretary, Clare College, Cambridge, CB2 1TL (tel. 01223 333206, e-mail KRL22@cam.ac.uk). The closing date for applications is 31 May 2001. Applicants for the Scholarship must name Clare College as their College of first choice on the Board of Graduate Studies' application forms for admission as a graduate student in the University (CIGAS form A, available from the Board of Graduate Studies, 4 Mill Lane, Cambridge, CB2 1RZ), and will be expected to have already established their course of study and, if appropriate, their supervisor.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 7 March 2001
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