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Graces submitted to the Regent House on 28 February 2001

The Council submit the following Graces to the Regent House. These Graces, other than any which is withdrawn or for which a ballot is requested in accordance with the regulations for Graces of the Regent House (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 113) will be deemed to have been approved at 4 p.m. on Friday, 9 March 2001.

1. That the address to the Jagiellonian University, Cracow, on the occasion of its sixth centenary, prepared by the Orator, be approved and sealed with the Common Seal of the University.1

2. That the regulations for University Composition Fees be amended, with effect from 1 September 2001, as follows:2


By amending certain entries in the table so as to read:

Home and EU undergraduate, other than Channel Islands and Isle of Man:  
A   Band 1 1,075 359 359 357
B   Band 2 1,075 359 359 357
C   Band 3 1,075 359* 359 357
N   Law Tripos, Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos and Oriental Studies Tripos, period abroad 530 177 177 176
D   Home and EU postgraduate 2,805 935 935 935
Overseas students:  
E   Band 1 7,248 2,416 2,416 2,416
F   Band 2 9,492 3,164 3,164 3,164
G   Band 3 17,568 5,856 5,856 5,856
H   One term in residence 7,600  
I   Two terms in residence 13,700  
J   Three terms in residence 19,800  
L   Home and EU 1,402 468 467 467
M   Overseas 3,624 1,208 1,208 1,208
Diploma in Public Health, part-time:  
P   Home and EU 1,402 468 467 467
R   Overseas 4,746 1,582 1,582 1,582

*£530 for clinical medical students in their final Michaelmas Term.


By deleting the footnote relating to the entry for the Postgraduate Certificate in Education.


3. That the Annual Report of the Council be approved.3

4. That the recommendations contained in paragraph 9 of the Report of the Council, dated 11 December 2000, on further development on the Sidgwick Avenue Site (p. 309) be approved.4

5. That the recommendations contained in paragraph 8 of the Joint Report of the Council and the General Board, dated 29 January 2001 and 17 January 2001, on arrangements for health and safety matters within the University (p. 427) be approved.5

1 See the Council's Notice, p. 498.

2 Statutes and Ordinances, p. 158. The Secretary of State for Education and Employment has recently announced the fees for home and EU students for 2001-02; in most cases fees have been increased by 2.4 per cent. A similar increase is proposed for overseas students. No information is yet available about the fees to be charged in 2001-02 for categories U-Y (undergraduate students from the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man). The opportunity is taken to rescind the special fee arrangements relating to Homerton College candidates for the Postgraduate Certificate in Education which will no longer apply following the approval of Grace 7 of 13 December 2000.

3 See Reporter, p. 243; see also the Council's Notice, p. 500.

4 See the Council's Notice, p. 499.

5 See the Council's Notice, p. 502.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 28 February 2001
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