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Approved for degrees

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Science

J. B. Gibson, M.A., CHU.

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the Special Regulations for proceeding to the degree)

M. H. Hoeflich, CL.

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

M. M. Al-Najjar, ED. Using non-financial data to validate business assumptions in service industry

E. A. Anderson, CAI. Stereoselective synthesis and transformations of medium-ring lactones and ethers

O. M. Astley, G. Scattering studies of cell wall polymers

I. M. Baker, R. Transcending 'The Insuperable Line': notions of boundary in eighteenth-century poetic representations of animals

C. R. Barnes, T. The Ethiopian state and its Somalia periphery circa 1888-1948

W. Basalaj, T. Proximity visualisation of abstract data

S. Bashir, DAR. Land-use conflicts in Indian protected areas: the case of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala

E. L. Bastardo Gonzalez, CC. Synthesis and characterisation of aluminium and zirconium containing mesoporous oxides

R. W. A. Bayliss, T. The role of FxFG-repeat nucleoporins in nuclear trafficking

A. D. Bond, JN. Solid-state chemistry of cyclic thiohydroxamic acids: prediction and measurement

W. J. A. Bratton, CTH. The geography of local business support organisations in Britain

O. J. Bronchain, HH. Insertional mutagenesis through gene trap approaches in Xenopus embryos

S. P. Brown, CL. Social evolution in parasites

R. M. Cameron, W. Oxidation and degradation of polymers in near and supercritical water

A. A. Catherall, CC. Microstructure and rheology of concentrated colloids at high rates of shear

D. G. Cole, DAR. Design of heat-resistant steels for small power plant

B. G. Collins, M. Characterisation of a novel retroviral LTR-containing member of the pregnancy-specific glycoprotein locus in the mouse

G. R. L. Cousins, CC. Dynamic combinatorial libraries of hydrazone based pseudo-peptides: diversity, templating and selection

K. O. Darrow, CAI. Characterisation and development of the courtship ritual in zebrafish, Danio rerio, and its relationship to gonadotropin-releasing hormone

K. E. S. Dean, CAI. Small molecule approaches to enzyme mechanisms

C. M. Deane, JE. Protein structure prediction: amino acid propensities and comparative modelling

L. J. Drewe, Q. Probing strategies for duplex DNA

C. L. DuBern, N. Molecular characterisation of Saccharomyces cerevisiae Tra1p

D. Dye, CTH. Mechanical effects arising from the welding of superalloys

K. F. Edgar, N. 'Edward Daniel Clarke (1769-1822) and the collecting of classical antiquities'

S. E. Elton, K. Ecomorphology and evolutionary biology of African cercopithecoids: providing an ecological context for hominin evolution

M. D. Field, W. Molecular analysis of the circadian clock in mammals

R. A. Forsdike, DOW. In utero development of sexually dimorphic gonadotrophin-releasing hormone (GnRH) secretion in sheep

G. T. W. Forsythe, CAI. Construction and ecology of icehouse algal reefs

F. V. Gergely, PET. The TACC family of centrosomal proteins

E. J. M. Greenwood, N. The writer as critic. Inventions of the critic from Herodotus to Aristotle

M. Gurney, DOW. Population genetics and conservation biology of Primula elatior

N. J. Hansen, F. An investigation of the mechanism of secretion in the pancreatic acinar cell

R. K. W. Haselwimmer, T. The Millikelvin ultra-high pressure facility

P. J. Hasnip, PEM. Ab initio simulations of transition metal surfaces

P. K. H. Ho, JN. Novel architectures for polymer light-emitting diodes

A. B. Hutchinson, CAI. Acoustoelectric interactions in resonant tunnelling structures

R. L. Isaacson, CAI. Biophysical studies on gelsolin

A. N. James, SID. Economic growth and land use change: implications for global biodiversity

K. G. Johnson, CAI. Receptor protein tyrosine phosphatases in the developing Xenopus visual system

P. C. D. Johnson, DAR. Genetic variation in the aphid Pemphigus spyrothecae

F. W. Jones, F. Evidence for dissociable learning processes from the SRT task

S. M. Jones, DAR. Influence of the Iceland plume on Cenozoic sedimentation patterns

T. E. Jupp, PEM. Fluid flow processes at mid-ocean ridge hydrothermal systems

U. K. K.Raman, JE. The role of cytokinins in the growth and development of Fragaria x ananassa Duch

E. Karakasis, PEM. Terence and the language of Roman comedy

S. P. Kennedy, CL. Ultrafast quantum optoelectronics in semiconductors: coherence and relaxation

L. C. Kerr, G. Structural systematics in organic and organometallic materials

H. Kessaris, T. Geometric algebra and applications

G. P. La Prairie, DOW. Social and behavioural development in a group of wild-born orphan chimpanzees

C. H. Lear, CAI. Evolution of Cenozoic ocean composition and temperature from foraminiferal trace element proxies

R. A. W. Lowe, CTH. The supernumerary segment system of Rumex acetosa. L. (Polygonaceae)

S. Mager, Q. The debate over the revival of ancient Church music in Victorian England

A. J. Matravers, DAR. Justifying the unjustifiable: stories of women sex offenders

A. C. Mayes, CAI. Brain cell glycogenesis - a neuroprotective phenomenon?

P. F. McBrien, PEM. Novel applications of the Josephson effect: ferroelectric characterisation and capacitively shunted grain boundary junctions

S. Mendoza, CHU. Shocks and jets in radio galaxies and quasars

O. Möller, W. Numerical methods for gravitational lensing

L. D. F. Moon, Q. Axon regeneration in the adult rat nigrostriatal tract

D. A. Morgenstern, T. Chondroitin sulphate proteoglycans in the peripheral and central nervous systems

P. Mukherjee, W. Improved analysis methods for cosmic microwave background data

A. C. Nichol, Q. Water load: A physiological limitation to bumblebee foraging behaviour?

J. E. Niven, F. Sensory influences from contralateral limbs on leg motor neurones in the locust

M. P. O'Sullivan, EM. Opto-electronic properties of novel semiconductory structures

T. Papadopoulou, N. Studies in Euripides' Heracles

E. A. Papageorgiou, JN. Selective hydrogenolysis of benzyl protective groups: novel methodology in the benzyl carbamate and benzyl amine series

A. W. Park, CAI. Dynamics of plant-parasite interactions in a spatially-structured metapopulation

G. C. Parry, DAR. Scratch resistant coatings produced by sol-gel techniques

S. D. Patel, CHR. Studies on a designed G-quadruplex binding protein that inhibits human telomerase

A. J. Penrose, CAI. Extending lossless image compression

D. J. Pinner, JN. Pulsed electrical excitation of conjugated polymer light-emitting diodes

A. Priese, TH. Phase transitions in NaMg1-xNixF3 and KxNa1-x NiF3

G. M. Pritchard, ED. Electromagnetic induction in a heterogeneous sphere: a three dimensional inversion for the electrical conductivity of the mantle

K. S. Pyshkin, CTH. Induced quantum wires

D. J. Reynolds, F. The total synthesis of muricatetrocin C

T. A. Richter, CAI. Investigation of the blockade of the estradiol-induced luteinizing hormone surge by progesterone

S. H. Rizvi, PEM. Modulation of Being (tashkīk al-wujūd) in the philosophy of Mullā Sadrā Shīrāzī (d. 1641)

P. W. Robinson, DAR. Transcriptional regulation of the mucosal T-cell integrin αΕβ7 (CD103)

J. M. Rodd, K. Semantic representation and lexical competition: evidence from ambiguity

M. A. E. Rozowski, CL. The interdependence of Hox genes and the segmental ground plan in generating segment specific morphology: a study of segment specific bristles on the legs of Drosophila melanogaster

L. Sack, W. Plant responses to deep shade plus drought

K. Saeb-Parsy, F. The suprachiasmatic nucleus: the mammalian clock and its neural connections

M. A. S. Said, DAR. Labour market segmentation and institutional change: the public-private pay differential in Egypt, 1960-1998

A. Savin, K. Community principles and choice of law: the transformation of private international law in the European Union

J. M. Shulman, EM. PAR-1 and the establishment of cell polarity during Drosophila oogenesis

J. S. Simons, DOW. Episodic learning in semantic dementia

D. Spajić, F. On financial intermediation in Europe

J. E. N. Steen, PET. Latin rhetoric and Old English poetic style

V. Stolojan, G. Nanochemistry of grain boundaries in iron

G. M. Stott, DAR. Analysis of retroviral gene trap mutations in the mouse

S. A. Strong, N. 'Ein eigenes Unglück': Adalbert Stifter's theory and practice of rewriting

Y. Y. Szeto, DOW. Studies on genomic imprinting and gene expression of the mouse Peg3 locus

S. M. Tierney, CL. Synthesis and investigation of polymers based upon a re-entrant cell structure

M. Tombul, CAI. Towards heterometallic group 13 imido complexes

K. O. Trachenko, DAR. Simulation studies of silica glass dynamics and radiation damage effects

A. Tronche, CC. Investigation and modelling of inoculation of aluminium by TiC

W. C. E. Tse, DOW. Studies of oncogenic protein function and potential for cancer therapy

N. H. Tyas, M. Grain refinement of austenitic stainless steel welds to facilitate ultrasonic inspection

C. E. Valiér, Q. Looking for the criminal: forensic science, criminal investigation, and subjectivity

J. van Duijn, CL. Powder neutron diffraction studies of some magnetic boron-containing compounds

I. P. van Tonder, T. An assessment of the impact of second-century heretical Christian movements on the formation of the Catholic Christian canon of scripture

C. A. F. Vaz, SID. Interface anisotropies in ultrathin magnetic films

A. E. Visser, CL. Star forming cores in dark molecular clouds

S. J. Whelan, DOW. Evolutionary modelling and statistical testing in phylogenetic inference

A. J-A. Woolford, Q. Studies towards the total synthesis of thapsigargin

J. P. Wright, JE. Powder diffraction studies of frustrated transition metal oxides

Master of Science

P. R. Andrews, JN. Foveolar pattern recognition

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)

Examination in Biological Science

T. Cindrova, DAR

P. G. Phan, PEM

L. J. Lee, CHU

Examination in Chemistry

N. J. Marianayagam, W

Examination in Microelectronic Engineering and Semiconductor Physics

G. Vardulakis, TH

Examination in Physics

S. Amakawa, W

W. S. Lew, ED

M. Klaui, PEM

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