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Law Tripos, Part IB

(Statutes and Ordinances, p. 309)

With effect from 1 October 2001

In a further amendment to the list of subjects to be taken by students following the joint course in Law between the Universities of Cambridge and Paris II (see Reporter, p. 140), the Faculty Board of Law have agreed with the University of Paris II that students reading for the joint degree should be able to study any subject which is available in Groups I to IV of the Law Tripos, subject to a few exceptions. The opportunity has been taken to incorporate provisions for candidates for the joint degree in the regulations for Part IB of the Tripos. The regulations have been amended as follows:

Regulation 21.

By inserting the following proviso:

(iii) a candidate who has been approved to follow a course at the University of Paris II under Regulation 9 may not offer Paper 12; such a candidate may in addition choose from among the following papers in Group IV: 40-43, 45, and 47.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 7 February 2001
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