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Lecture-list, 2000-01: Corrections

Medical and Veterinary Sciences Tripos, Part IA

Histology (p. 159)

Course organizer: Dr J. T. Tiffert (e-mail jtt1000@cam.ac.uk)

Students will be notified of the time at which they should attend each of the classes.

Lent Term

1. Respiratory system: weeks 1, 2 (no amendment)

2. Kidney and urinary system (not Kidney and bladder): weeks 3, 4

3. Introduction to the endocrine glands and bone (not Hypothalamus, pituitary, and adrenal gland): weeks 5, 6

4. Alimentary system; salivary gland and exocrine pancreas (not Gastrointestinal system; exocrine and endocrine pancreas): weeks 7, 8

Easter Term

1. The endocrine pancreas, liver, and skin (not Skin; liver and gall bladder; thyroid and parathyroid): weeks 1, 2

2. Revision: weeks 3, 4 (no amendment)

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