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In their Annual Report of 25 October 2000 on the establishment of personal Professorships and Readerships (Reporter, p. 140) the General Board put forward the proposed Professorships and Readerships before their titles had been agreed, in order that publication of the Report was not delayed. By Grace 11 of 22 November 2000 the General Board were authorized to announce the titles in due course. The following list of appointments includes the titles that have been agreed.

PROFESSORSHIPS (with effect from 1 October 2000)

Dr D. S. H. Abulafia, CAI, appointed Professor of Mediterranean History.

Dr P. J. Allott, T, appointed Professor of International Public Law.

Dr M. J. Bickle, Q, appointed Professor of Tectonics.

Dr M. D. Bolton, CHU, appointed Professor of Soil Mechanics.

Dr N. Boyle, M, appointed Professor of German Literary and Intellectual History.

Dr A. M. Campbell, CHR, appointed Professor of Electromagnetism.

Dr H. A. Chase, M, appointed Professor of Biochemical Engineering.

Dr R. Cipolla, JE, appointed Professor of Information Engineering.

Dr N. Collings, R, appointed Professor of Applied Thermodynamics.

Dr S. Collini, CLH, appointed Professor of Intellectual History and English Literature.

Dr A. Cooke, K, appointed Professor of Immunobiology.

Dr I. T. Drummond, R, appointed Professor of Theoretical Physics.

Dr A. W. F. Edwards, CAI, appointed Professor of Biometry.

Dr J. P. Forrester, K, appointed Professor of History and Philosophy of the Sciences.

Dr G. F. Gilmore, K, appointed Professor of Experimental Philosophy.

Dr P. J. Grubb, M, appointed Professor of Investigative Plant Ecology.

Dr R. J. Jackson, PEM, appointed Professor of RNA Biochemistry.

Dr J. Klinowski, PET, appointed Professor of Chemical Physics.

Dr A. N. Lasenby, Q, appointed Professor of Astrophysics and Cosmology.

Dr E. D. Laue, JN, appointed Professor of Structural Biology.

Dr A. M. L. Lever, PET, appointed Professor of Infectious Diseases.

Dr Y. W. Loke, K, appointed Professor of Reproductive Immunology.

Dr R. L. Martin, CTH, appointed Professor of Economic Geography.

Ms J. C. W. Mitchell, JE, appointed Professor of Psychoanalysis and Gender Studies.

Dr N. Oliver, W, appointed Professor of Management.

Dr M. C. Payne, PEM, appointed Professor of Computational Physics.

Dr S. Pellegrino, CC, appointed Professor of Structural Engineering.

Dr M. R. E. Proctor, T, appointed Professor of Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics.

Dr J. A. Pyle, CTH, appointed Professor of Atmospheric Science.

Dr R. B. Rickards, EM, appointed Professor of Palaeontology and Biostratigraphy.

Dr N. I. Shepherd-Barron, T, appointed Professor of Algebraic Geometry.

Dr P. Spufford, Q, appointed Professor of European History.

Mr M. Tonry appointed Professor of Law and Public Policy.

READERSHIPS (with effect from 1 October 2000)

Dr R. J. Anderson, T, appointed Reader in Security Engineering.

Dr M. M. Arnot, JE, appointed Reader in Sociology of Education.

Dr J. P. Attfield, JE, appointed Reader in Materials Chemistry.

Dr M. N. A. Bockmuehl, F, appointed Reader in New Testament Studies.

Dr R. G. Boutilier, SID, appointed Reader in Comparative Physiology.

Dr R. D. Bowers, JE, appointed Reader in Medieval and Renaissance Music.

Dr E. J. Briscoe, G, appointed Reader in Computational Linguistics.

Dr G. T. Burstein appointed Reader in Electrochemistry and Corrosion.

Dr D. A. Cardwell, F, appointed Reader in Superconducting Materials.

Dr D. J. Chivers, SE, appointed Reader in Primate Biology and Conservation.

Dr J. A. Clack, DAR, appointed Reader in Vertebrate Palaeontology.

Dr W. H. Colledge, CHU, appointed Reader in Molecular Physiology.

Dr J. R. Cooper, DAR, appointed Reader in the Physics of High Temperature Superconductors.

Dr J. M. Edwardson, F, appointed Reader in Molecular Pharmacology.

Dr E. V. Ferran, CTH, appointed Reader in Corporate Law and Financial Regulation.

Dr W. J. Fitzgerald, CHR, appointed Reader in Statistics and Signal Processing.

Dr C. F. Forsyth, R, appointed Reader in Public Law.

Dr R. Geuss appointed Reader in Philosophy.

Dr M. Hannoosh, CTH, appointed Reader in French Literature and Art.

Dr R. C. Hardie, EM, appointed Reader in Cellular Neuroscience.

Dr J. R. Harvey, EM, appointed Reader in Literature and Visual Culture.

Dr J. G. Haslam, CC, appointed Reader in the History of International Relations.

Dr P. C. Hewett, CC, appointed Reader in Observational Astrophysics.

Dr D. W. Holton, SE, appointed Reader in Modern Greek.

Dr R. R. Horgan, SID, appointed Reader in Theoretical and Mathematical Physics.

Dr C. J. Howe, CC, appointed Reader in Plant and Microbial Biochemistry.

Mr H. R. Hurst, CHU, appointed Reader in Classical Archaeology.

Dr G. A. C. Jones, R, appointed Reader in Nanoelectronics.

Dr S. R. Julian, T, appointed Reader in Physics.

Dr R. J. Keynes, T, appointed Reader in Neurobiology.

Dr N. G. Kingsbury, T, appointed Reader in Signal Processing.

Dr M. P. H. Kusch, K, appointed Reader in History and Philosophy of Science.

Dr O. Lahav, CTH, appointed Reader in Cosmology.

Dr P. C. Lee, DOW, appointed Reader in Behavioural Biology and Conservation.

Dr M. E. Lewis appointed Reader in Early Chinese History.

Dr S. E. Owens, N, appointed Reader in Environment and Policy.

Dr N. Peake, EM, appointed Reader in Fluid Mechanics.

Dr M. J. Perry, T, appointed Reader in Theoretical Physics.

Dr R. T. Phillips, CL, appointed Reader in Physics.

Dr K. W. Platts, F, appointed Reader in Manufacturing.

Mr J. H. Prynne, CAI, appointed Reader in English Poetry.

Dr S. A. T. Redfern, JE, appointed Reader in Mineral Physics.

Mr P. N. Richens, CHU, appointed Reader in Architectural Computing.

Dr S. E. Satchell, T, appointed Reader in Financial Econometrics.

Dr J. L. Scott, Q, appointed Reader in Quantitative Sociology.

Dr M. Sprik, CL, appointed Reader in Computational Chemistry.

Dr P. M. Taylor, G, appointed Reader in Anaesthesia.

Dr A. G. Thomason, CL, appointed Reader in Combinatorial Mathematics.

Dr D. R. Ward, Q, appointed Reader in Particle Physics.

Dr S. G. Warren, CHU, appointed Reader in Organic Chemistry.

Dr J. A. Williams, R, appointed Reader in Engineering Tribology.

In their Second Annual Report of 23 February 2000 on the establishment of personal Professorships and Readerships (Reporter, 1999-2000, p. 496) the General Board put forward the proposed Professorships and Readerships before their titles had been agreed, in order that publication of the Report was not delayed. By Grace 2 of 22 March 2000 the General Board were authorized to determine the titles in due course. The following titles have now been agreed, with effect from 1 October 1999:


Dr S. R. Elliott, T, appointed Professor of Chemical Physics.

Dr B. R. Webber, EM, appointed Professor of Theoretical Physics.


Dr D. W. Dunne appointed Reader in Immunoparasitology.

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