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Wolfson College

The following have been elected Fellows of Wolfson College with effect from 1 October 2000 or from the dates shown.

Professorial Fellow under Title A:

Andrew John Pollard, B.A., Leeds, M.Ed., Ph.D., Sheffield, Professor of Education

George Peacock Copland Salmond, M.A., Ph.D., Warwick, Professor of Molecular Biology (elected from 1 May 2000)

Official Fellows under Title C:

Stephen Peter Brooks, Ph.D., W, University Lecturer in Statistics

John David Alastair Clark, M.D., Glasgow, FRCP, Consultant Physician, and Graduate Course Supervisor Graduate Course in Medicine

Karen Ann Day, M.Sc., Loughborough, Physical Education Officer

John David Firth, D.M., Oxford, FRCP, Consultant Physician and Nephrologist, Addenbrooke's NHS Trust (elected from 1 December 2000)

Charles William Rueben Dutton Moseley, Ph.D., East Anglia, Director of Studies in English

Karl Riesenhuber, Ph.D., Potsdam, Assistant Lecturer in Law

Renata Serra, Ph.D., CHR, College Teaching Officer in Economics

Research Fellows under Title D:

Paul John Adam, Ph.D., W, Junior Research Fellow in Medical Studies

Sonia Radhika Bhalotra, B.A., Delhi, M.Phil., D.Phil., Oxford, Senior Research Officer, Department of Applied Economics

Manish Chhowalla, Ph.D., CHU, Junior Research Fellow in Engineering

Jonathan Hedley Clarke, Ph.D., W, Junior Research Fellow in Pharmacology

Luke Ferretter, M.A., Oxford, Ph.D., St Andrews, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in English (elected from 1 May 2000)

Dimitri Grinev, Ph.D., CAI, Junior Research Fellow in Physics

Luis Lopez Diaz, Ph.D., Salamanca, Junior Research Fellow in Physics

William David Marslen-Wilson, B.A., Oxford, Ph.D., Massachusetts Institute of Technology, FBA, Director, MRC Cognition and Brain Sciences Unit (elected from 1 June 2000)

Sijbren Otto, Ph.D., Groningen, Junior Research Fellow in Chemistry

Geraint Price, Ph.D., W, Junior Research Fellow in Computer Studies

Cristiano Andrea Ristuccia, D.Phil., Oxford, Research Officer, Department of Applied Economics, Teaching Fellow, Faculty of Economics

Lisa Monika Sampson, Ph.D., EM, British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow in Italian

Cardula Hildegard Schumann, Ph.D., London, Speelman-Newton Fellow in Netherlandish Art

Laurent Terrade, B.A., D.E.A., Aix en Provence, Junior Research Fellow in Medieval History

Simon Gregory Thompson, M.A., D.Sc., London, Director, MRC Biostatistics Unit

Andrew Webster, B.A., Harvard, Junior Research Fellow in History

Hartmut Ziche, Ph.D., Paris, Junior Research Fellow in Ancient History

Extraordinary Fellow under Title E:

David Grant, Ph.D., Durham, Director of Technology, Marconi Plc

Visiting Fellows under Title F:

Dr Edon Choi, Political History, Hannam University, South Korea (2000-01)

The Hon Mr Justice G. L. Davies, Judge of Appeal, Court of Appeal, Queensland (Easter Term 2001)

Professor Gerard H. de Vries, Philosophy of Science, University of Amsterdam (Michaelmas Term 2000)

Professor Donald Engels, Ancient Economic History, University of Arkansas (2000-01)

Professor Brian A. Flumerfelt, Anatomy and Cell Biology, University of Western Ontario (July to December 2000)

Ms Camena Guneratne, Law, Open University of Sri Lanka; Cambridge University Smuts Fellow in Commonwealth Studies (2000-01)

Dr Martin Head, Quaternary Research, Department of Geography (November 1999 to April 2002)

Ms Susan Mary Kiefel, Federal Court of Australia (Easter Term 2001)

Professor Erkki I. Kouri, History, University of Helsinki (Lent and Easter Terms 2001)

Professor Peter J. Lucas, Anglo-Saxon, University College, Dublin (2000-01)

Professor Roy MacLeod, History, University of Sidney (visits in 2001)

Mr Hambyrajen Narsinghen, Law, University of Mauritius (Easter Term 2001)

Dr Pramod K. Nayar, English Literature, Kuvempu University, India; Cambridge University Smuts Fellow in Commonwealth Studies (2000-01)

Judge Helen O'Sullivan, District Court, Queensland (Easter Term 2001)

Professor Gyanendra Pandey, Anthropology and History, Johns Hopkins University (April to July 2001)

Professor John F. Richards, History, Duke University (January to September 2001)

Dr Margaret E. Robertson, Education, University of Tasmania (Easter Term 2001)

Professor Shaul Shaked, Asian and African Studies, Hebrew University of Jerusalem (February to September 2001)

Professor Marshall S. Shapo, Law, Northwestern University School of Law (Easter Term 2001)

Professor Richard J. Sutton, Law, University of Otago (Lent Term 2001)

Mr David M. Triesman, Higher Education in the Economy, Association of University Teachers (various periods in 2000-01)

Professor Wang Gungwu, Institute of East Asian Political Economy, Singapore (Michaelmas Term 2000)

Professor Leslie Zines (Honorary Fellow), Law, Division of Philosophy and Law, Australian National University (August to December 2000)

Professor E. Zubrow, Anthropology, State University of New York at Buffalo (Easter Term 2001)

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Cambridge University Reporter, 10 January 2001
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