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Approved for degrees

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Science

T. J. Ridsdill-Smith, B.A., M.A., Q

M. P. Williamson, B.A., Ph.D., CL

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

I. Ali, F. Early settlements, irrigation and trade-routes in Peshawar Plain, Pakistan

M. K. Banu Az-Zubair, HH. Structural and functional analysis of promoters controlling genes expressed in the testis

M. Bevis, JN. Dickens, Tennyson, and the art of eloquence

D. W. Brown, HH. The circumstellar environments of class O and class I protostars

P. J. Brown, DAR. Charge modulation spectroscopy of poly(3-alkylthiophene)

A. S. Brundin, CL. Vittoria Colonna, 1490-1547: petrarchism and evangelism in sixteenth-century Italy

N. C. Campbell, JN. Statistical methods for non-stationary time series analysis

C. I. Carlisle, G. Atomic-scale imaging of adsorption, oxidation and co-adsorption on Ag{111}

D. J. H. Clifford, CLH. Reformism and transformism, 1809-1863: literature and the emergence of social evolutionary ideologies

D. M. Craig, K. Republicanism becoming conservative: Robert Southey and political argument in Britain, 1789-1817

S. Crawshaw, T. Control of systems with actuator nonlinearities

L. Dacome, W. Policing bodies and balancing minds: self and representation in eighteenth-century Britain

P. Date, CHU. Identification for control: deterministic algorithms and error bounds

R. M. de Roeck, DOW. The rheology, microstructure and sedimentation behaviour of equine blood

K. G. P. Dharmawardana, CHU. High performance power MOSFETs

S. E. Drimie, DAR. Unravelling the redistribution of Impendle state land: prospects and processes of land reform in KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

K. E. Elston-Güttler, LC. An enquiry into cross-language differences in lexical-conceptual relationships and their effect on L2 lexical processing

D. W. Essex, T. Electron microscopy and coincidence spectroscopy of atomic, crystalline and surface states

R. Gaenssmantel, W. Electron beam induced deposition of granular films for single-electron applications

T. J. Gershon, Q. A measurement of direct CP violation in the neutral Kaon system

C. R. Goddard, T. Resin-bound synthesis and template-based chemical libraries

D. J. Goulding, Q. Structure and interactions in confined fluids

J. E. Hampson, F. Interannual variability in stratospheric dynamics: interaction between the QBO and the extratropics

T. P. Hay-Edie, DAR. Enchanted networks: institutional linkages and sacred sites: from UNESCO to Nepal

L. C. Hogarth, G. Conditioned attentional orienting towards smoking related stimuli

N. T. Hunt, F. Infrared diode laser spectroscopy of transient species

Y. Jewkes, LC. Captive audiences: the media's role in everyday life, power relations, and constructions of masculine identities in prisons

A. K. Johnson, T. Quantitative analysis of adsorbate structures on Ir{100}

A. H. S. W. Kam, T. A general multiscale scheme for unsupervised image segmentation

M. Kauer, W. Ultrafast dynamics and propagation of femtosecond pulses in semiconductor lasers

S. C-H. Kim, F. A study of debates on religious conversion in India, 1947-1999, from the perspective of Christian mission

A. J. Kleist, CL. Striving with Grace: the sources of Aelfric's doctrine of Free Will

R. E. Knight, W. Exploitation of symmetry in 2D finite element models of induction motors

J. P. König, PEM. Athletic training and athletic festivals in the Greek literature of the Roman Empire

I. Konstantakos, PEM. A commentary on the fragments of eight plays of Antiphanes

A. M. F. A. Lagmay, TH. Studies on explosive eruptions and emplacement of pyroclastic flows

S. H. Lalam, SID. Modelling of mechanical properties of ferritic weld metals

R. F. M. Langlands, CAI. Gender and exemplarity in Valerius Maximus

A. Lanzon, W. Weight selection in robust control: an optimisation approach

T. S. H. Leinster, T. Operads in higher-dimensional category theory

H. Y. Leung, CHU. Aramid fibre spirals to confine concrete in compression

J. D. Lewis, ED. Solon's Polis as Kosmos: intellectual, moral and political integration in Archaic Athens

R. J. Livingstone, CHR. Infrared laser jet spectroscopy of transient molecules generated by flash pyrolysis

L. M-F. Luo, W. Thin film growth and adsorption at surfaces

E. M. A. Maine, CHU. Innovation and adoption of new materials

M. Mangahas, CHR. Managing luck and negotiating change - ethnographies of fishing and sharing in the Philippines

J. A. Medlock, CHU. The asymmetric synthesis of aminoalkylphosphine oxides

A. H. Merrills, T. Geography in early Christian historiography

S. Mukherji, JN. Issues of evidence, interpretation and judgement in Renaissance English drama, c.1580-1640

L. C. A. Perry, N. The CD45 phosphotyrosine phosphatase differentially regulates CD28-mediated signal transduction

A. H. B. Podmore, DAR. Purification and characterisation of VanXYc, a D,D-dipeptidase/D,D-carboxypeptidase in vancomycin-resistant Enterococcus gallinarum BM4174

A. R. Porter, SE. Quantum fluctuations and excitations within electronic-structure theory

M. J. Russell, G. Development and modelling of friction stir welding

M. Ruszkowski, T. X-ray variability as a probe of the black hole environment

D. J. M. Sampson, CHU. Active roll control of articulated heavy vehicles

J. S. Sandhu, HH. Spin dynamics of carriers in doped GaAs quantum-well systems

S. Sathyamoorthy, G. Particle formation during anatase precipitation

A. C. Scott, CL. Heterogeneity in high-shear granulation

S. Setiawan, CLH. Applications of geometric algebra to black holes

C. Sharp, G. Biased minds: theory of mind in emotional behaviour disorders of middle childhood

W. D. Smyth, CAI. Regulation of ion channels in stomatal guard cells

S. D. Snobelen, W. William Whiston: natural philosopher, prophet, primitive Christian

J. St-Pierre, T. Mitochondrial hypometabolism in the skeletal muscle of the overwintering frog, Rana temporaria

M. A. Stevens, SE. High-intensity optical excitation of conjugated polymers

M-L. E. Timmermans, T. Studies in fluid dynamics

T. Ueda, W. A study of social housing supply, allocations and rents in Japan with reference to English experience

S. Vijendran, M. Fabrication of three-dimensional semiconductor devices using focused ion molecular beam epitaxy

S. D. Warusawithana Kulatilake, CC. Cranial diversity and the evolutionary history of South Asians

E. A. Watson, CAI. The quiescent cell protein expression system of E. coli

B. L. Weeks, G. Applications of high-pressure scanning tunneling microscopy

J. Wierzba, T. Symplectic singularities

A. A. Wilkinson, SID. Techniques for orthopædic magnetic resonance imaging in the horse

R. J. Wilman, T. The gaseous environments of powerful active objects

A. D. Woods, DOW. The elaboration of phosphorus ligands coordinated to dinuclear transition metal centres

Master of Science

D. A. Demetriou, DOW. Numerical simulations of interface kinetics

P. Mount, HH. Structural changes in nylon 6 on annealing and hydration

L. L. Tsai, EM. Magnetic resonance imaging of wrist motion

Master of Letters

D. Proudfoot, N. Fact and fiction: fiction and fact: the replica and anti-replica theories of fiction expounded and criticised

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)

Examination in Archaeology

A. M. Salt, DAR

Examination in Biological Science

P. A. Essah, PEM M. Kittenis, R

Examination in Chemistry

D. A. Haynes, TH A. Orlov, TH
M. H. Humphrey, DAR

Examination in Development Studies

N. M. Mohsin, LC

Examination in Engineering

N. Ahmad Nordeen, DAR G. Morgenthal, M
G. Caretta, DAR U. C. Mupambireyi, HH
S. Di Sabatino, PEM G. M. T. Pasinetti, CAI
S. Gjerstad, CL C. S. Simons, CHU
K. Jaafar, CHU B. R. Subedi, G
G. Kesse, F V. Tomasevic, CAI
O. E. Makoju, N Y. W. Wong, W

Examination in European Studies

M. C. Brigden, PET

Examination in Microelectronic Engineering and Semiconductor Physics

F. I. El-Nahal, DAR

Examination in Veterinary Science

M. R. Kotter, PEM

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