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Disbursements from the Smuts Memorial Fund: Notice

The Board of Managers of the Smuts Fund beg leave to report to the University, in accordance with Regulation 6 for the Fund (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 838), that they have made disbursements from the Fund in the financial year 1999-2000 as follows :

(a) Smuts Postdoctoral Research Fellows in South Asian and African Studies 41,855.23
(b) Smuts Visiting Fellows: Research costs and expenses 32,475.62
(c) Editorial payments and other costs 991.50
(d) 1999 Commonwealth Lectures 3,326.79
(e) Studentships:
   ORS Equivalent awards in 1999-2000 12,008.00
(f) Grants to Libraries 15,918.72
(g) Grants for travel and research to individuals including staff 33,604.73
(h) Grants to Departments and for other projects 18,027.77

TOTAL 158,208.36

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Cambridge University Reporter, 13 December 2000
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