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Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos, Part IB

(Statutes and Ordinances, p. 332)

With effect from 1 October 2001

The purpose of these amendments is to introduce the option for candidates in Part IB to substitute a portfolio of three essays for certain of the scheduled papers in Part IB of the Modern and Medieval Languages Tripos.

Regulation 23.

By inserting, at the end of the regulation, the following proviso:

provided that a candidate may offer, in place of one of the designated papers from Schedule IB,1 a portfolio of three essays, each of not fewer than 1,500 words and not more than 2,000 words in length. All the essays must be on subjects falling within the scope of that paper and must conform to the rubric of that paper. Detailed instructions will be issued by the Faculty and Departments, by the division of the Michaelmas Term preceding the examination, regarding the coverage of prescribed texts and topics and any other requirements for the portfolio as a whole. Candidates will be required to declare that the essays are their own work. The essays shall consist of work done for supervisions and shall be in English and submitted with supervisors' comments but without revision of any kind by the candidate. They shall be submitted by the candidate to the Secretary of the Faculty Board, in accordance with detailed arrangements approved by the Board, so as to arrive not later than the first Friday of the Full Easter Term in which the examination takes place. Candidates may be called for viva voce examination in connection with their portfolios.

1 See the note to Schedule IB, p. 000.


By amending the Schedule so as to read:


Papers available in Part IB
Dutch Du. 1*†, 2†, 4, 6.
French Fr. 1, 3†, 4†, 5†, 6†, 7†, 8†, 9†, 10†, 11†, 13†
German Ge. 1*, 2*, 3*, 4†, 5†, 6†, 7†, 8†, 9†, 10†, 11, 12†, 13†.
Modern Greek Gr. 1*, 2†, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7.
Italian It. 2†, 3†, 4†, 5, 6.
Medieval Latin ML 1, 2.
Neo-Latin NL 1.
Portuguese Pg. 1†, 2†, 3†, 5†, 6†, Sp. 11.
Russian Ru. 1*, 2*, 3, 4†, 5, 6, 7†, 8†, 9†, 10, 11.
Spanish Sp. 1, 2†, 3†, 4†, 5†, 10†, 11.
Linguistics Li. 1, 2.
Comparative Studies CS 1, 3.

* Asterisked papers in Schedule IB may be taken only by candidates who offered Option A in the language concerned in Part IA. Such a candidate must offer at least one asterisked paper in that language in Part IB.

† Papers marked with a dagger may be replaced by a portfolio of essays under Regulation 23.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 6 December 2000
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