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Leverhulme Trust


The Trustees of the Leverhulme Trust have recently taken a number of initiatives to provide long-term support for academic posts and research in specific disciplines and fields. They have decided to augment these with a further substantial initiative in the interdisciplinary field of the science of materials. Within this broad field, the Trustees are more specifically interested in supporting activity that is long-run in character (i.e. looks forward to materials that may be relevant to the science and technologies of the second and third decades of the century and beyond); investigates the as yet unknown rather than focuses on pushing forward the boundaries of the known; and is not currently well supported in the United Kingdom by other special programmes or initiatives by funding bodies.

It is the Trustees' intention to award a major grant of up to £2m for a five- to ten-year programme of activity, to be based on applications from UK universities or research centres. The core expenditure should be on academic posts. At one level the grant could be expended on four established academic posts (including one or two senior positions) over ten years, together with a very modest grant for some associated costs for consumables, travel, secretarial assistance, and office supplies. However, it is open to applicants to propose a combination of established academic posts, research (postdoctoral) fellowships, graduate studentships, collaborative activity, etc., although it is not intended that costs other than stipends and studentships should exceed about three per cent of the total. Budgets should conform to the Trust's rules of eligibility for research project grants, which can be found on the Trust's website (see below).

Further information is available from the Trust's website (http://www.leverhulme.org.uk/), or from the Director, Leverhulme Trust, 1 Pemberton Row, London, EC4A 3BG. The closing date is 4 p.m. on Friday, 26 January 2001.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 29 November 2000
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