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Philosophical Society

At a meeting held on 20 November, Professor A. Howie, President, was in the Chair. He presented the Millennium Prize Research Fellowship to Dr Helen A. Pfuhl.

Professor A. W. Cuthbert, FRS, of the Department of Medicine, presented a lecture, entitled Treatment of disease by gene therapy - progress with cystic fibrosis. A vote of thanks was moved by Professor T. M. Cox, President-Elect.

Research Studentships have been awarded to: Ms R. Shakir, CTH; Ms M. Venkatesan, CHU; Ms S. Wannaborworn, G; Ms E. Rayfield, EM; Mr R. S. Kalupahana, CLH; Mr E. de Silva, DAR; Mr M. Y. Baig, W; Ms T. S. Stokes, N; Ms J. L. Meade, HH; Mr T. Ali, CLH; Mr R. Felix, SE; Mr I. Burfield, Q; Mr B. Rusholme, W; and Mr C. Bailey, EM.

Travel Grants amounting to £1,743 have been awarded to Fellows of the Society.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 29 November 2000
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