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Theological and Religious Studies Tripos, Part II, 2001 and 2002: Notice

The General Board have approved a request from the Faculty Board of Divinity that, during the transfer period between the Old and New Regulations for the Theological and Religious Studies Tripos (see Reporter, 1999-2000, p. 824), certain restrictions be placed on the papers that candidates for Part II under the Old Regulations (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 391) in 2001 and 2002 may choose. These restrictions are necessary as teaching will not be available for all the papers in the present Tripos. The Faculty Board have given an assurance that no candidate's preparation for the examination is adversely affected by these changes. The Old Regulations have accordingly been amended as follows:

With immediate effect

Regulation 22.

By deleting proviso (iii) and renumbering proviso (iv) as (iii).

Regulation 23.

By deleting proviso (iv) and renumbering provisos (v)-(vi) as (iv)-(v).

With effect from 1 October 2001

Regulation 24.

(A) By amending the first eight lines of the regulation so as to read:

24. A student who is a candidate for Part II in the year next after obtaining honours in another Honours Examination shall offer:

either (a) four papers chosen from Group D (Papers 28-37) under the Old Regulations,
or (b) four papers chosen from Papers B1-B16 under the New Regulations;

provided that

(i) a candidate may offer in place of one paper under (a) or (b) above either a dissertation on a topic approved by the Faculty Board or one language from Paper A1 (New Regulations);

(B) By deleting proviso (ii) and renumbering provisos (iii)-(vi) as (ii)-(v).

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Cambridge University Reporter, 29 November 2000
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