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Mathematical Tripos, Part III, 2001: Notice

The Faculty Board of Mathematics give notice that, in accordance with Regulations 15 and 16 for the Mathematical Tripos (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 318), there will be set in 2001, if candidates desire to present themselves therein, a paper in each of the subjects in the following list. The duration of the paper is shown beside it.

Lie Groups 3 hours
Noetherian Algebras 3 hours
Topics in Group Theory 3 hours
Advanced Topics in Commutative Algebra 3 hours
Topics in Representation Theory 3 hours
Linear Analysis 3 hours
Banach Algebras 3 hours
Elliptic Functions and Elliptic Integrals 3 hours
The Value Distribution of Analytic Functions 3 hours
Ramsey Theory 2 hours
Probabilistic Combinatorics 3 hours
Differential Geometry 3 hours
Algebraic Topology 3 hours
Basic Algebraic Geometry 3 hours
Complex Manifolds 3 hours
Three-dimensional Manifolds 3 hours
Category Theory 3 hours
Logic and Combinatorics 2 hours
Elliptic Curves 3 hours
Diophantine Analysis and Transcendence Theory 2 hours
Advanced Probability 3 hours
Advanced Financial Models 3 hours
Mathematical Models in Financial Management 2 hours
Stochastic Calculus and Applications 3 hours
Quantum Information Theory 3 hours
Large Deviations and Queueing Theory 2 hours
Actuarial Statistics 2 hours
Applied Statistics 3 hours
Biostatistics 3 hours
Experimental Design and Multivariate Analysis 3 hours
Mathematics of Operational Research 3 hours
Statistical Theory 3 hours
Time Series and Monte Carlo Inference 2 hours
Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics 3 hours
Magnetohydrodynamics 2 hours
Formation, Structure, and Evolution of Stars 3 hours
Magnetic Fields in Stars 2 hours
Atomic Astrophysics 3 hours
Galaxies 3 hours
Physical Cosmology 3 hours
Accretion Discs 2 hours
Environmental Fluid Dynamics 3 hours
Slow Viscous Flow 3 hours
The Fluid Dynamics of Swimming Organisms 2 hours
Mixing and Transport 2 hours
Mechanics of Elastic Solids 3 hours
Large-scale Atmosphere-ocean Dynamics 2 hours
Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics 2 hours
Acoustics and Stability 2 hours
Local and Global Bifurcations 2 hours
Population Dynamics 2 hours
Renormalization in Dynamical Systems 2 hours
Symmetries and Patterns 3 hours
Dynamical Systems and Thermodynamics Formalism 2 hours
Computer-aided Geometric Design 2 hours
Numerical Solution of Differential Equations 3 hours
Approximation Theory 3 hours
Quantum Field Theory 3 hours
Elementary Particle Physics 3 hours
Quantum Information Physics 2 hours
Advanced Quantum Field Theory 3 hours
The Standard Model 3 hours
String Theory 3 hours
Supersymmetry 2 hours
Advanced String Theory 2 hours
Cosmology 2 hours
General Relativity 3 hours
Black Holes 3 hours
Early Universe Cosmology 2 hours
Applications of Differential Geometry to Physics 2 hours
Phase Transitions and Collective Phenomena 2 hours

The Faculty Board remind candidates and Tutors that requests for papers to be set on additional subjects should be sent through Tutors to reach the Secretary of the Faculty Board at the Mathematics Faculty Office, Department of Applied Mathematics and Theoretical Physics, Centre for Mathematical Sciences, Wilberforce Road, not later than 1 February 2001.

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