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Board of Scrutiny: Notice

30 October 2000

The Board of Scrutiny have elected Mr D. R. Howarth, CL, as Chairman and Dr D. L. Smith, SE, as Secretary, to hold office until 30 September 2001.

The Board's current remit is to scrutinize the Annual Report of the Council, the abstract of the University's Accounts, and the Council's Allocations Report, and to report to the University on any matters arising. The Annual Report and the Accounts are expected to be published in the Michaelmas Term 2000; the Allocations Report is normally published in late May.

Members of the Board, with their addresses for correspondence, are Mr D. R. Howarth, Clare College, drh20@cam.ac.uk; Dr D. L. Smith, Selwyn College, dls10@cus.cam.ac.uk; Dr F. H. King, Churchill College, fhk1@cam.ac.uk; Dr R. H. Lachmann, Clare College, rhl20@cam.ac.uk; Dr S. Lintott, Downing College, bursar@dow.cam.ac.uk; Dr D. J. Chivers, Selwyn College, djc7@hermes.cam.ac.uk; Dr V. E. Izzet, Christ's College; Dr M. D. Potter, Fitzwilliam College, m.d.potter@dpmms.cam.ac.uk; Dr O. Rackham, Corpus Christi College; Professor A. M. Snodgrass, Faculty of Classics, ams1002@cam.ac.uk; Mr R. J. Stibbs, Computer Laboratory, rjs1@cam.ac.uk; Dr K. M. Wheeler, Darwin College, kmw1001@cam.ac.uk.

Further information may be found at the Board's website (http://www.dow.cam.ac.uk/Scrutiny/).

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Cambridge University Reporter, 8 November 2000