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Approved for degrees, certificates, and diplomas

The Board of Graduate Studies have approved the following persons for the award of degrees. In the case of degrees where dissertations are required to be deposited in the University Library, the title of the dissertation is shown after the name of the person by whom it was submitted.

Doctor of Science

D. R. Bowsher, B.A., M.A., M.B., B.Chir., M.D., CAI

D. B. Williams, B.A., M.A., Ph.D., CHR

W-T Wong, Ph.D., R

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the Special Regulations for proceeding to the degree)

J. Chopra, Q R. J. Mearns, CTH

A. D. N. J. De Grey, TH

Doctor of Philosophy

(under the regulations for the Ph.D., M.Sc., and M.Litt. Degrees)

K. V. Adams, DOW. Dyeing of cellulosic fibres: how the structure of cellulose and the dye molecules affect the dyeing process

P. Agarwal, T. Magnetism and superconductivity in heavy-fermion metals

A. Alvarado Boshell, JE. The dynamics of industrial innovation in a developing economy: the case of Colombia

A. A. Ammora, T. Novel polymer-based luminescent pigments

H. P. Atmore, CL. The great Victorian way: materiality and memory in mid-nineteenth century technological culture

E. Babejová, SID. Space, politics and identity in Bratislava 1867-1914

S. J. Barrett, CL. Notated verse in ninth- and tenth-century poetic collections

A. M. Basman, Q. Statistical region-based segmentation

S. J. Bass, K. Sand and mud dynamics in shelf seas

H. E. Beere, R. Selective area growth of III-V semiconductor compounds using Ga+ FIB deposition during MBE growth

Y. Beresnevichiene, W. A role and context based security model

N. R. M. Bethel, CC. Navigations: the fluidity of national identity in the postcolonial Bahamas

J. F. Blackburn, DAR. Time evolution of microstructure in complex systems: a computer simulation study

W. D. Bradford, F. Value and justice: property, economic theory and Rawls

D. R. Brecher, F. Aspects of the brane

R. A. Breckenridge, Q. A study of the control of early cardiac morphogenesis in Xenopus laevis

L. W. Brigham, DAR. Sea ice variability in Russian Arctic coastal seas: influences on the northern sea route

R. R. Brouwer, JN. Stoic wisdom

S. Burckhardt, JE. The use of π-allyltricarbonyliron lactone complexes in the total synthesis of the macrolides α- and β-zearalenol

T. M. Burg, CLH. Genetic analyses of albatrosses: mating systems, population structure and taxonomy

E. A. Castle, JE. Black and native American women's activisim in the Black Panther Party and the American Indian movement

S. C. Chuang, K. Security management in ATM networks

R. Crook, CC. Combining a low-temperature scanning charged probe with low-dimensional semiconductor devices

M. S. Dawson, W. Re-enacting gentility on London's comic stage during the later seventeenth and early eighteenth centuries

K. T. Dean, CL. The gendered language of Protestant anti-papist polemic in England, 1603-1702

M. Denov, W. Perspectives on female sex offending: a culture of denial

D. J. Derbyshire, EM. The crystallographic analysis of the Bacillus thuringiensis δ-endotoxin Cry1Ac, on its own and in a complex with its receptor ligand, N-acetylgalactosamine

D. M. Dorman, CHU. HIV-1 packaging dynamics and inhibition by transcripts containing packaging signal sequences

G. Edmond, JN. Scientific evidence and the construction of 'Guilt' and 'Innocence': textile evidence in the Azaria Chamberlain case

S. L. Ellison, Q. The chemical evolution of QSO absorbers

C. A. W. Evans, T. Nramp1 genotype, stress and the immunopathogenesis of intracellular parasitism

L. C. Forde, M. Ballistic impact of rods

C. M. Frances, K. Networks of the life-course. A case study of Cheshire, 1570-1700

M. J. Freud-Kandel, JE. An ideology forsaken: theological developments in Anglo-Jewish orthodoxy since 1913

A. K. Fyfe, JE. Industrialised conversion: the Religious Tract Society and popular science publishing in Victorian Britain

J. E. Gain, JN. Enhancing spatial deformation for virtual sculpting

F. U. Gandenberger, CLH. A new J-acid method for the detection of formaldehyde

V. Gergely, JN. Melt route processing for production of metallic foams

M. J. Ginnelly, CHU. Synthesis and applications of homochiral phosphepin oxides

T. Göschl, CLH. The economics of genetic resources, biotechnology and growth

S. T. Gratton, CL. Quantum cosmological perturbations

J. Gu, K. Reflection-absorption infrared spectroscopy of CO and NO on Co{1010}

M. Gurnell, JN. The role of thyroid hormone and peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors in human disease

J. A. F. Harvey, JN. Bitumen films in tension

S. K. Haydon, SE. Structure determination using electron diffraction and microscopy

P. C. Hayward, W. The basic helix-loop-helix protein SCL and its role in haematopoietic development

L. E. P. Henderson, CAI. Cross-examination: a critical examination

E. R. Herrington, N. Hopkins, Whitman and nineteenth-century philology

C. Hill, CHR. Active and passive remote sensing of the troposphere: broadband lidar measurements of NO2 and studies of anomalous atmospheric absorption

A. P. Hodgson, EM. Studies towards the total synthesis of the spongistatins

K. R. Holloway, CC. Mental health review tribunals: the release of restricted patients

T. J. W. Hunt, T. Civic thought in Britain, c.1820- c.1860

P. A. Husband, R. The experimental observation, prediction and control of polyethylene extrudate die swell

E. M. Ingram, PEM. Glial glutamate transporters in animal models of epilepsy

A. V. Ivanova, T. Discourse processing during simultaneous interpreting: an expertise approach

V. J. Jennings, N. Representing Aesop

W. J. Johnston, CLH. Apocalypticism in Restoration England

I. Kaur, CHU. Adaptation of gifted students to the system of education in Malaysian secondary schools

G. F. W. Khoo, PET. Aspects of high side gate driving

M. S. Khorsheed, CHU. Automatic recognition of words in Arabic manuscripts

R. D. Kirkden, CTH. Assessing motivational strength and studies of boredom and enrichment in pigs

R. D. Kirsch, CAI. Natural killer cell recognition of major histocompatibility complex ligands in the rat

H. G. Knoeff, DAR. Herman Boerhaave (1668-1738): Calvinist chemist and physician

P. Koundouri, PET. Three approaches to measuring natural resource scarcity: theory and application to groundwater

K. A. A. Kwarteng, T. The political thought of the recoinage crisis of 1695-7

O. Y. Kwong, DOW. Word sense selection in texts: an integrated model

D. M. Leask, CL. Low power radio networking

W-K. Lee, W. Screening for homologues of fission yeast cell cycle genes in plants

D. R. Leggate, EM. Characterisation and mutagenesis of bacteriophage K1E endosialidase

S. F. Li, PEM. Stateless client computing

I. Lo Tufo, DAR. Rétif de la Bretonne's La Decouverte australe and the global reshaping of society

A. Locatelli, PEM. A 4 K infrared interferometer for emission studies on surfaces

R. A. McCaffrey, PET. Molecular and genetic characterisation of spindle-C in Drosophila melanogaster

F. H. McLaren, DAR. A characterisation of MHC expression by rat neural stem cells

D. H. Malan, JN. Parallel finite element analysis for microwave heating systems

N-E-M. Malik, Q. Homologous intermolecular recombination in Escherichia coli K12

I. Manolessou, TH. Greek noun phrase structure: a study in syntactic evolution

P. B. Menage, M. Resource control of untrusted code in an open programmable network

F. Menanteau, CLH. The evolutionary history of field elliptical galaxies

M. E. Miquel, EM. Investigation of lipid migration in composite chocolate using MRI

P. Montes, LC. Mechanisms of morphological change in polyhydroxyalkanoates

J. N. Moore, CHU. Gauged vortices: dynamics, radiation and cosmological networks

E. C. Morris, CL. Characterisation of a novel intracellular serpin associated with haemopoietic differentiation

R. W. Moseley, DAR. Focused ion beam fabricated non-equilibrium superconducting devices

A. J. Mosley, T. Bearing the heavens: astronomers, instruments and the communication of astronomy in early-modern Europe

F. C. Murphy, K. The neuropsychology of depression and mania: cognitive and emotional processes

R. W. Neville, SE. The relevance of creation and righteousness to intervention for the poor and needy in the Old Testament

E. A. Nutbrown, CAI. The formation and mechanical properties of an alumina ceramic containing calcium hexaluminate

S. W. O'Brien, CHU. The biosynthesis and mechanism of action of vancomycin group antibiotics

R. Oeckl, DOW. Quantum geometry and Quantum Field Theory

K. S. Ombongi, F. A history of malaria control policy in colonial Kenya, 1897-1963

H. A. Pfuhl, DAR. Paleoceanography of the latest Miocene in the western tropical Atlantic

N. J. Phillips, G. Audio-visual scene analysis: attending to music in film

S. K. Piechnik, TH. A mathematical and biophysical modelling of cerebral blood flow and cerebrospinal fluid dynamics

C. E. Pitt, CL. Wear and microstructure relationships in carbide-free bainitic rail steels

G. M. Radick, DAR. Animal language in the Victorian evolutionary debates

J. E. Redman, DAR. Solution, surface and solid state assembly of porphyrins

D. C. Richer, Q. Graph theory and combinatorial games

P. Rockett, M. On the estimation of seismic risk in low to moderate seismicity areas for purposes of insurance: a case study of Israel

B. M. Saunders, DAR. Fast animation dynamics

J. Schaye, JN. Thermal history and metal enrichment of the intergalactic medium

C. J. P. Shell, M. The origins of Christian ecstasy: a critical survey

L. C. Sheppard, W. Processing of the depressive schema in major depressive disorder

R. M. Shipp, CL. Two-dimensional full wavefield inversion of wide-aperture marine seismic streamer data

K. E. Smith, CL. Catalytic and interface effects in dispersed and model gold/titania systems

G. E. Smye, JE. Power-suppressed corrections in quantum chromodynamics

A. J. Stacey, CHU. Fungal growth: a mechanism for epidemic development

J. A. Stamp, CAI. The role of adrenal steroids in the autonomic, endocrine, and central immediate early gene responses to acute and repeated stress in the rat

N. J. Stone, JN. Single electron memory and logic circuits

C. M. Stott, DAR. Specific language impairment in children: prevalence outcome and comorbidity

T. Subhanij, DAR. Financial liberalization policy and its economic consequences: Thailand's experience

L. M. Sullivan, SID. International law and the break-up of the United Kingdom: towards a democratic theory of secession

D. C. Sutherland, PET. Peeresses, parliament, and prejudice: the admission of women to the House of Lords 1900-1963

K. P. S. S. Tan, HH. Political management in Singapore: a study of the People's Action Party government's efforts at shaping consensus on what kind and how much of democracy for Singapore

K. Taylor, W. Medicine of revolution: Chinese medicine in early communist China (1945-1963)

M. D. R. Thomas, T. Electrical phenomena in nanocomposite materials

R. R. Topham, DAR. Making ministers, making Methodism: an anthropological study of an English religious denomination

R. I. Trezona, M. Abrasion and erosion of polymeric paint coatings

V. Tripathi, T. Kinetics in conductors of restricted geometry

J. P. Uhler, K. The development of dendritic arbors in Drosophila motorneurons

E. Varden, JN. The principle of servitude in the work of Pierre de Bérulle

J-H. Wang, SE. Ultraviolet Raman spectroscopic and fluorescence lifetime studies of polymers and polymer additives

M. Warrier, N. The appeal of a modern Godperson in contemporary India: the case of Mata Amritanandamayi and her mission

M. D. Weerasinghe, T. The structural behaviour of a composite stub-girder incorporating an asymmetric slim floor beam

N. R. W. Weir, DAR. Seismic studies of the mid-Atlantic plate boundary: Southwest Iceland and the northern Reykjanes Ridge

P. J. Wheeler, EM. Cenozoic basin formation in SE Asia

S. J. Whitehouse, T. Error resilient image compression

E. W. D. Whittaker, T. Statistical language modelling for automatic speech recognition of Russian and English

C. M. V. L. Wong, W. Analysis of the segregation mechanism of the 2μ plasmid in Saccharomyces cerevisiae

E. A. Wright, T. π-Allyltricarbonyliron lactones in asymmetric synthesis

S. A. Wright, SE. Aspects of unsteady fluid-structure interaction

C. C. Yao, CL. Ferromagnetic wire structures

Master of Letters

A. McGowan, LC. The writings and political activities of Slingsby Bethel, 1617-1697

Master of Philosophy (one-year course)

Examination in Archaeological Science

Examination in Archaeology

Examination in Biological Anthropology

Examination in Biological Science

Examination in Chemistry

Examination in Classics

Examination in Computer Speech and Language Processing

Examination in Economic and Social History

Examination in Education

Examination in Engineering

Examination in Environment and Development

Examination in Epidemiology

Examination in Ethnomusicology

Examination in European Studies

Examination in Geographical Information Systems and Remote Sensing

Examination in International Relations

Examination in Latin-American Studies

Examination in Medieval History

Examination in Microelectronic Engineering and Semiconductor Physics

Examination in Musical Composition

Examination in Musicology

Examination in Oriental Studies

Examination in Physics

Examination in Quaternary Science

Examination in Social Anthropology

Examination in Sociology and Politics of Modern Society

Examination in Veterinary Science

B. T. Pittman, PET
D. G. Beresford-Jones, M K. J. Lane, TH
R. E. E. Cullen, K C. J. McHugh, CLH
H. S. Dawson, DOW L. Malafouris, DAR
M-C. E. Garden, M A. G. Pullen, M
S. E. Hakenbeck, N J. W. Sogard, CHU
M. Kagiadaki, LC W. Watkins, TH
L. L. Khalidi, N S. A. Wynne-Jones, CHU
N. Anwar, N S. C. Jones, N
R. Guimaraes de Souza, K A. Núñez-de la Mora, DOW
A. R. Hasenstaub, CHU C. P. F. de O. H. Silva, DAR
C. Chan, DAR J. Lawrence, JE
B. Gong, CHU N. Lehnen, JN
D. Iber, T H. A. Peters, K
C. T. Calderone, CHU J. Y. Park, EM
T. L. Laban, HH M. J. Turton, CHU
M. L. Neidig, CHU
A. R. Weeks, JN
F. H. Chanchary, N J. Preiss, T
D. A. Fulton, HH M. R. J. Purver, SID
A. Gutkin, PET D. Rentzos, HH
D. Liben-Nowell, CHU N. C. Ward, DAR
M. S. Lloyd, JE P. Watcharawitch, N
A. S. Master, CHU J. E. Weeds, TH
A. Max, W D. G. S. Wright, CAI
S. Morrell, Q Q. Yan, HH
D. Murgatroyd, DAR O. Zussman, CHU
C. R. Beauchamp, TH P. M. Kitson, DOW
S. M. Brierley, JN P. O. da S. Ramos-Pinto, DOW
A. G. Cox, CL K. R. Silver, W
A. S. Dasgupta, T F. D. Todd, T
R. M. Evans, CHR A. V. Vial, K
B. Hardt, PEM
S. Balgobin, HH H-F. Li, HH
L. A. Bamfield, PEM A. L. Marutollo, HH
R. W. Bowett, DOW B. R. Millard, W
H. L. H. Chan, DAR B. Morgan, SE
C. Chanda, NH M. Moyo, M
J. C. C. Chau, ED A. Mustagrudic, DAR
J. Cullen, SID P. Palmer, W
S. C. Doyle, LC M. Petropoulou, DAR
C. Eder, CLH N. A. Pham, DAR
S. El Banna, HH G. G. Phillipp, ED
M. L. Fautley, M S. J. Pinkus, CL
N. Frey, Q H. Pinson, W
M. D. Graham, CL S. Qureshi, W
C. Hawa, W R. A. A. Renée, NH
N. C. Howells, CHR S. Rieksta, HH
E. J. Hunt, CLH H. Simango, W
F. F. R. Kadyoma, W N. Singal, HH
E. A. Kennerley, CLH L. Symeou, W
L. Y. Khouja, TH F. M. Thomson, DAR
K. Kojima, F E. Tsiasie, HH
C. J. Leacock, TH S. J. Warrican, TH
M-S. Lee, CLH O.H-T. F. H. Yang, Q
M. H. Akhtar, M T. T. Ng, HH
C. F. Batten, CHU W. J. Ng, JN
B. Chitambira, SE D. B. O'Brien, DAR
P. Y. Eng, W N. A. Pinson, JN
V. M. Joyner, JN R. J. Samsudin, CHU
Y. C. Kennish, JE M. A. Sauter, PET
S. Kukathasan, CHU H. Schmidt, TH
V. Lee, F A. M. Watt, CAI
W. B. Lim, G S. Wilson, DOW
M. A. Lotia, CHU D. R. Yuen, DAR
M. L. Baylon, LC L. M. Kaonga, F
N. D. Branch, Q B. J. F. Klose, W
Y. S. Chaudhri, HH P. L. Lund-Thomsen, Q
S. H. Erskine, DAR C. Mango, DOW
E. K. Hand, JN T. R. O'Connor, JE
E. Ishikawa, F N. O'Shea, JN
J. M. Jacinto, TH T. Takano, CL
Md Jakariya, CLH J. A. Vallejo, CHU
I. Joo, DAR C. E. White, DAR
N. T. Kadzere, DOW A. M. Zacarias Farah, K
A. M. C. Brennan, DAR D. R. Griffin, CAI
C. L. Chembo, HH S. O. Lewycka, DAR
A. M. Doyle, DAR M. J. Merricks, G
C. Elser, HH P. W. Selberg-Franks, CHU
T. Foltynie, DAR M. F. Yuyun, ED
C. J. Freeman, W N. Zoka, DAR
J. J. H. Bines, CAI
A. A. R. Agboluaje, ED M. A. Magnusson, TH
A. Avenoso, CLH C. McBrien, ED
V. V. Ballestra, G J. K. Meyer, PEM
R. M. Barker, CC Z. Mikdashi, DAR
P. Bertuzzi, CC B. M. Petersen, PET
T. H. R. Brun, JE P. Rangsinturat, CLH
R. P. Dunn, EM G. Sanchez, SID
S. L. Hallett, SE A. Sepos, DAR
T. C. Hoerber, TH R. Tavernari, R
B. Islami, W H. Tessar, F
B. Kammel, CC J. A. Towers, R
H. Liu, W T. M. Villis, JN
P. H. Elsner, HH Y. I. Koudounas, Q
N. Emmanuel, W W. Makari, HH
R. Garcier, T G. P. Toyos, K
R. Hasseea, DAR A. Z. Tsigaridas, CTH
E. Jones, W G. T. Whitesides, K
B. W. Knauf, W
M. J. Adams, PEM R. J. McLaughlin, JE
L. C. Atkinson, JE L. Mihajlovic, T
A. A. Awuku-Asamoah, DOW P. Morrison, CTH
J. M. Baron, K J. Nakayama, TH
K. Belichenko, TH M. Neophytou, DAR
R. S. Bonfante, TH T. T. Nurminen, HH
S-M. G. Boylan, PET S. Ogawa, DAR
T. Campbell, TH L. Patterson, LC
G. D. de L. Cazenove, SE J. F. Querio, CC
L-W. Cheng, HH R. Saberi, HH
S. M. Csaki, W B. A. Shepherd, JN
C. E. Daly, Q T. Shigenaga, HH
J. P. Dowling, F M. Silvi, HH
C. Epstein, SID M. J. Sims, DAR
C. J. Finn, CHR A. Skaržinskaite, HH
M. Gomirato, CLH J. D. Smither, T
C. M. Hague, LC A. H. Steele, DOW
L. S. Hetherington, CHR J. W. Sullivan, M
F. G. Holliday, TH Y. Tao, HH
L. R. Howes, TH A. Umino, CLH
H. R. Jones, PEM M. C. van der Lande, Q
S. M. Jones, SE B. Vanova, CC
P. V. Karlsson, TH B. W. Wallace, CLH
C. Karras, TH R. E. Warner, EM
P. S. R. Keefe, HH J. P. G. Wathen, JN
M. N. Khan, DAR P-S. Wu, JN
O. Kucherenko, T V. A. Yankey, W
J. J. N. Lacy, JN C-W. Yu, HH
M. M. D. Mason, JE A. Zervos, TH
R. M. J. McCallum, G
M. del C. Barbabosa, JN A. S. Mandelbaum, W
R. Cubas, CHR M. A. Novoa-Cain, SE
R. K. Foulkes, CL M. E. Taylor, DOW
E. M. Hauck, CC
A. C. Beckett, PEM H. S. Griffith, Q
J. R. Boyce, CHR J. T. Palmer, Q
L. Brown, CHR N. L. Paul, TH
C. Burt, NH R. A. C. Rist, CLH
P. T. J. Casey, T R. Seferović, SE
N. J. Coates, PEM J. A. Shea, PET
J. O. Osa, G
C. J. Hussey, DAR E. Wallen, K
T. H. O'Regan, CC
D. H. Cauthery, ED E. Rivlin, EM
M. Lovell, K B. M. R. Sandbrook, Q
C. E. Milford, PEM S. J. Ward, CTH
S. Ograjenšek, SE
M. B. Goldstein, PEM
J. A. Eisner, EM C. A. Stephan, Q
S. Siggelkow, DAR B. P. Venemans, CLH
E. M. Adams, M P. D. Hughes, DAR
R. J. Austin-Smith, ED V. Margari, DAR
W. J. Fletcher, T L. C. Skinner, CLH
K. A. Bah, DAR J. J. Long, PEM
S. K. Bains, LC M. S. R. A. de Magalhăes, PEM
C. E. Bolten, K A. A. McCabe, DAR
T. Boychuk, TH J. K. Mitchell, DAR
M. O. E. Clauvel, DAR N. N. Mkhwanazi, TH
S. H. Cook, DAR K. A. Neroda, EM
F. Dickson, CHU T. L. Richardson, LC
Y. F. Friedman, CLH T. A. Sinclair, DOW
K. Georgiadis, CC J. E. Stobbs, DAR
F. Y. C. Giehmann, CLH S. Verley, ED
D. T. Koch, JN M. Wongthes, DAR
A. B. Lebner, DAR H. Yaron, CHU
J. Lin, DOW S-J. You, F
M. Bertelsen, TH O. E. Welply, CHU
G. Jancic, CLH
L. Ouellette, PEM

Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Engineering

The Board of Graduate Studies, on the recommendation of the Degree Committee for the Faculty of Engineering, have awarded a Certificate of Postgraduate Study in Engineering to the following:

J. C. Ker, CHU

Diploma in International Law

The Degree Committee for the Faculty of Law have awarded a Diploma in International Law to the following:

R. L. MacCallum, Q

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Cambridge University Reporter, 8 November 2000