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OXFORD Notices

Brasenose College


The College proposes to elect a Bursar, to take office from 1 October 2001. The Bursar is the principal financial officer of the College and has a general oversight of the management of the College's investments, buildings, estates, and other endowments. He or she has overall responsibility for the financial, domestic, and general administration of the College. A Domestic Bursar has charge of domestic management subject to the Bursar's financial control.

The Bursar will be an Official Fellow of the College and, as such, a member of the Governing Body. The appointment is for five years in the first instance and may be renewed to the normal retiring age.

Further particulars can be obtained from the Principal's Secretary, Brasenose College, Oxford, OX1 4AJ. The closing date for applications is 22 December 2000.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 1 November 2000