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Churchill College, New Hall, and Trinity Hall


The three Colleges, acting as a group, invite applications for Research Fellowships which will normally be tenable for three years from 1 October 2001. Fellowships are open to graduates, women and men, of any university, with no age limit, but will normally be awarded to candidates who have recently completed their Ph.D. or are close to completion. Candidates who have no previous educational connection with Cambridge or Oxford Universities are particularly welcome. A total of seven Fellowships are being offered and over 300 applications are expected.

Further details and application forms may be obtained from the Academic Secretary, Churchill College, Cambridge, CB3 0DS, enclosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope (minimum size 23 cm × 16 cm), or can be received via e-mail (jrf@chu.cam.ac.uk). Further information is available on the College's website (http://www.chu.cam.ac.uk/).

A curriculum vitae will not be accepted. The last date for the receipt of completed application forms and accompanying material is 11 January 2001, or 14 December 2000, if the application is submitted via e-mail.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 1 November 2000