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Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education: Assessment of the quality of education

In the Lent Term 2000 teams of assessors, appointed by the QAA, visited the University to assess the quality of education provided in Psychology, Molecular Biosciences (Biochemistry, Genetics, and Pathology), Organismal Biosciences (Plant Sciences and Zoology), and Pharmacology. Under the procedures operated by the QAA, at the conclusion of a subject assessment the six core aspects of provision (Curriculum Design, Content, and Organization; Teaching, Learning, and Assessment; Student Progression and Achievement; Student Support and Guidance; Learning Resources; Quality Management and Enhancement) are evaluated on a scale of 1 to 4 to create a graded profile. An overall judgement is derived from this, with 'quality approved' or 'unsatisfactory quality', the latter resulting from grade 1 in one or more aspects of provision.

The final assessment reports, which have been published by the QAA, have now been received. The assessors approved the quality of education provided by the University and the following outstanding results were achieved:

Psychology Molecular Biosciences Organismal Biosciences Pharmacology
Curriculum design, content, and organization 4 4 4 4
Teaching, learning, and assessment 4 4 4 4
Student progression and achievement 4 4 4 4
Student support and guidance 4 4 4 4
Learning resources 4 4 4 4
Quality management and enhancement 4 4 4 4

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Cambridge University Reporter, 1 November 2000