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Trinity College

The following elections and awards have been made:

Choral Exhibitions: Ashby, K., Dupernex, T. E., Fawcett, L.-J., Hill, C. D., Hunt, O. P., Oldfield, J. W., Redmayne, E. J. D., Wardle, H. J.

Eastern Europe Research Bursary: Oliynyk, Z.

Internal Graduate Studentships: Arnold, C. E. J., Ball, S. G., Bell, S. J., Blackburn, S. J., Ivanchenko, A. I., Leithead, H. W., Li, Z., Loh, Y. L., Olbourne, B. R., Pak, H. Y. E., Roslington, J. L. W., Sadie, C. K., Sheridan, R. T., Tan, W. M., Tebbutt, S. J., Thornbury, E. V., von Hippel, G. M., Westerhoff, J. C.

Organ Scholarship: Paine, D. G.

Research Scholarships: Arnold, C. E. J., Beale, R. C. L., Cooke, R. B., Crane, E. T., Deeming, H. L., Galluzzo, P. M., Jenkins, C. S., Li, Z., Loh, Y. L., Melnyk, D., Pak, H. Y. E., Sadie, C. K., Sheridan, R. T., Tebbutt, S. J., von Hippel, G. M., Weszkalnys, G. S.

Senior Scholarships: Cohen, B. J., Muldrew, W. J., Ng, C. L. G. Y., Rendall, D., von Hippel, G. M.

Robert Wright Prize for Geology: Ramsey, L. A.


Michaelmas Term 2000

Brian Bond, Professor of Military History, King's College London, will lecture on Britain and the First World War: the challenge to historians, at 5 p.m. in the Mill Lane Lecture Rooms, as follows:

Wednesday, 1 November: The necessary War, 1914-18.
Thursday, 2 November: Goodbye to all that, 1919-33.
Wednesday, 8 November: Donkeys and Flanders mud: the War rediscovered in the 1960s.
Thursday, 9 November: Thinking the unthinkable: the First World War as history.

The lectures are open to all.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 25 October 2000