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Merton College


The College proposes to elect in 2001 a Leventis Graduate Scholar. The Scholarship will cover full board and accommodation in the College, College and University fees, and an additional grant of £2,700 (making a total annual value of about £9,278 - £13,489, depending on the origin of the student and the subject studied). Subject to satisfactory progress, the Scholarship will be tenable for three years.

The award is open to both men and women who meet the following criteria: all candidates must be university graduates, who are citizens of the Republic of Greece or the Republic of Cyprus, and have not done more than two years of postgraduate study or research, and propose to begin a doctorate at the University of Oxford in October 2001 in Greek Studies (including the study of Greek culture and civilization of the Aegean and Eastern Mediterranean in any of their aspects) from the Bronze Age to AD 1453. It is not available for studies relating to modern Greece, or at any other university.

Details of the award may be obtained from Mrs M. Wise, Merton College, Oxford, OX1 4JD (fax +44 (0)1865 276282, e-mail wardensoffice@admin.merton.ox.ac.uk). The closing date for applications is Friday, 5 January 2001.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 18 October 2000