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The Corbett Prize, 2000, has been awarded to J. A. L. Jack, T.

The Hallam Prize, 2000, has been awarded, jointly, to T. W. H. Murgatroyd, EM, R. G. Price, Q, and A. M. Ruppel, N.

Jebb Fund. Grants have been awarded to M. Scheltens, B.A., N, and T. S. Wagner, CHU.

Henry Arthur Thomas Travel Exhibitions, 2000, have been awarded to the following:

L. E. Buchanan, CHR P. Lockley, T C. T. Ryan, NH
E. L. Buckley, NH A. T. Messinger, B.A., SID E. L. Surtees, B.A., NH
J. S. Emmett, B.A., PEM E. A. Mills, B.A., CHR H. Sullivan, B.A., T
R. S. Harman, N T. J. Morrison, JN H. A. Van Noorden, T
C. T. Holmes, B.A., PEM F. E. New, Q A. H. Welch, N
R. A. L. Jack, T D. J. Orrells, B.A., K C. L. Whitton, JN
F. J. Jervis, B.A., PET M. P. Pagett, T D. H. Williams, JE
D. H. King, B.A., R A. I. Philip, B.A., K D. J. F. Yates, CAI

Wrenbury Scholarships. The following have been elected to Scholarships for 2000-01:

T. Darsinos, DAR G. R. Paraje, M.Phil., CHU S. C. Ryoo, Q
Sukhgeet Kaur, M.Phil, K M. Ruhs, M.Phil., HH

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Cambridge University Reporter, 11 October 2000