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The Fulbright Commission


The Fulbright Commission seeks applications from outstanding people to participate in the new Distinguished Scholar Programme, to undertake lecturing and/or research or a period of professional development in the United States of America.

Applicants should be EU citizens/resident in the UK. They must draw up a detailed project outline and provide evidence that an institution in the USA will agree to act as host and supervisor. Lecturers and researchers must have an invitation from the host institution. Grants are available for those who intend to visit the United States after 1 September 2001 and no later than Easter 2002. Applicants must be planning a minimum stay of ten months, normally with an affiliation to one academic institution in the United States.

Application forms can be obtained from the Commission's website (http://www.fulbright.co.uk/), or by sending an A4 stamped, addressed envelope, with 41 pence postage attached, to the British Programme Manager, The Fulbright Commission, 62 Doughty Street, London, WC1N 2JZ. The closing date for receipt of completed applications is Thursday, 22 March 2001.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 11 October 2000