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Report of the Council on arrangements for Discussions and related matters: Notice

25 September 2000

The Council have considered further the remarks made in the Discussion of their Report on 13 June 2000 (p. 896). The Council have also received comments from the Joint Committee with the General Board on Governance, chaired by Sir David Harrison.

The Council confirm their view that there is a continuing need for a forum for discussion in person of University business. They make no proposals to alter the fundamentals of the present arrangements for Discussions, but will, in due course, propose a revised version of the present Notice of Guidance (Statutes and Ordinances, p. 117).

The Council believe that the development of electronic and other means of consultation and communication within the University has potential in connection with University business, but at present the technology and procedures are not yet sufficiently developed for this means to replace the existing procedures. Nevertheless, they can provide a valuable supplement. The Council will encourage experiment and development of new means of consultation, and will monitor progress. The Council are prepared in principle, after further successful experience, to propose changes in procedures, after good consultation and discussion within the University.

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Cambridge University Reporter, 4 October 2000
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